Met with A psychic and left in a bad mood

Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 12:39 am
Dear Readers,
I met with a psychic, recently that gave me a brief reading. I had met with her once about two years ago and had such a wonderful, direct and open reading that compelled me to return recently because things have been pretty mundane lately and felt good about returning to her. Upon seeing her again, something felt-off this time. I thought "Well, maybe she is picking up on my tiredness and boredom with life lately that's causing me to feel a little down" So we sat, she shuffled the cards and asked me to pick two decks. As she lay the cards and began to read everything she said thereafter was absolutely negative. She said:
1. There is a lot of jealousy around you
2. I see betrayal and tears. It looks like some-one close to you like a family or close friend is going to betray you. Some-one with brownish-reddish hair.
3. The betrayal has to do with your boyfriend, he's not going to betray but some-one who is jealous of you and doesn't want to see you guys together
4. You have a bad spirit on you, you need a cleansing

The only positive thing she said was about a good job she saw coming my way, like a stepping stone. Something higher up.

Now, I'm worried and anxious that some-one IS going to betray me. Not to mention betrayal is one of my worse fears.

I realize that everything she said could be baloney and could apply to any-one really. It all seems general. In fact, she may have picked up on bad vibes about me. Meanwhile, I'm not experiencing any-thing bad right now just boredom and very very tired which puts me in a groggy low mood. ...and I feel my intentions are good and I'm a fairly good person overall.

The last time I had a reading she said some general things but also some very specific things about me that there was absolutely no way she could know with simply looking at me or listening to me speak or looking at my body language. So this illusion I had of her and her "psychic reading" threw me off when I went last time.

So my questions to any-one who is SPIRITUAL and has some experience with psychic how do I know if this is real or a scam? If she does posses the gift, how accurate is it? Could she see some-thing and interpret it the wrong way? could she just be an energy reader and simply going based off of my energy in that moment?

Please help,

-worried and confused.
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Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 05:39 am
You needed a "cleansing"?

And I suppose that this person was going to do that - for a price!

She was trying to drum up business.

Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 07:37 am
They are all scams, by definition.
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Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 10:49 am
how do I know if this is real or a scam?

1. if no one is jealous around (scam), whereas if everyone is jealous around you - real
2. if a brownish-reddish hair close family or friend betrays you - real; if you do not know any brownish-reddish hair people likely a scam
3. if you have no boyfriend - scam; if you have a boyfriend that is sleeping with your close brownish-reddish haired jealous friend or family then real
4. if you smell bad and need to take a shower - real; otherwise scam.

If no good job comes your way- scam; if you get hired to run a small country or a large corporation - real

Hope I helped - now that will be $67.99 please -
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Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 11:19 pm
Yes, she wanted to charge me a whopping 230$ to be precise. (for the cleansing)
Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2015 11:23 pm
I almost had a psychic girlfriend once, but she left me before we met.
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