Where Were you When you FIRST Heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

Reply Thu 9 Apr, 2015 07:01 pm
Me: In our Army apartment in Munich watching an AFN broadcast of one hour of very current music videos. The point was to let us feel connected to current happenings back in the home country. I was a stay at home dad with a one year old, wife was around but working 60 hours a week. I used to watch a lot of videos on TV back in 84/85 as I was doing pot/coke/acid with my Michigan State U stoner acquaintances, and I continue to like to watch them. Anyways, I saw this thing and took instant notice. I thought it was way cool, and something that might be popular. Next day I told my brother and he checked it out and agreed. This was about week before it blew up, maybe two.

Interesting how I ended up retiring in what is pretty much Curt Cobains home city, as anyone who lives in Aberdeen comes to Olympia when they want to do or buy anything.

Interesting too how strong the Nirvana cult is even now, a band that was not around long enough to produce much, a bands who members seemed quite unsavory. And can we talk about that loon of a wife of Cobains?
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Reply Thu 9 Apr, 2015 11:27 pm

I've yet to hear it for the first time, other than snippets of a few seconds of the song on TV occasionally.

I deplore the impact that it had on leading thrash metal bands however.
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Reply Fri 10 Apr, 2015 08:01 am
Aww. I like Courtney. I don't get the Courtney hate.

I think the first time I heard that song I was in my office in OKC, still not having any idea that I'd end up in this part of the country. I like that really raw style of music.

Yes, it is still very cultish. Beautiful, talented people who die young seem to generate that kind of feeling.

Have you seen any recent photos of their daughter? She's absolutely stunning.
Reply Fri 10 Apr, 2015 06:19 pm
How about never?
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Reply Fri 10 Apr, 2015 06:29 pm
I like Courtney. I don't get the Courtney hate.

For me it is too many times of seeing a pic of Courtney fractured out of her skull, and at the same being told that she had not seen Frances Bean in weeks.
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Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2015 01:39 am

I was looking over this list of the top metal albums of all time, and I notice an interesting pattern in the quality of our metal over time:


1970 to 1973 are represented well in the top 15 albums, albeit by a single band.

1974 to 1981 show a dip where there are albums in the top 100, but not the top 20.

1982 to 2001 are represented well in the top 15 albums.

2002 to 2009 show a dip where there are albums in the top 100, but not the top 20.

From 2010 until now, there is nothing within the top 300 albums except for a single live album that was recorded in the 1980s.

Is metal dying/dead?
Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2015 02:03 am
I get told that music is dying, the economics dont work, there is no money and no place to play. All you can have is computer generated stuff from the record companies like Iggy Azalea .

I am not an expert in this field.
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Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2015 07:51 pm

I listened to Nevermind for the first time yesterday.

Just enough metal to be cool and just enough pop to be accessible. I can see why it was popular.

I read up on the band while I was listening to it. Seems that their subsequent album was less accessible, but was a more pure expression of the anguish that eventually led to the suicide. I'll have to try to listen to that too to see how it compares.
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