Why should girls bother with math?

Reply Sat 4 Apr, 2015 02:51 pm
maxdancona wrote:
The majority of students see math as a set of numerical mad libs. You find a memorized formula to match some problem, and you plug the numbers in. The number of students who actually understand the formula (or even have any interest in understanding it) are very few. I am highly skeptical that there is any value to this exercise.

If you are talking about teach real math, that is the expressive language that engineers, scientists and mathematicians use to communicate and solve problems, we don't ever teach that in high school. There is nothing to retain.

But fortunately, most Americans have no need to learn real math. And the vast majority of Americans have no interest in doing so.
I must agree with you maxdancona.

I teach at a very large post secondary technical institution and math is a big portion of the subject matter (both directly and indirectly) and yet I know with reasonable certainty that my students (although required to know the particulars of the math I teach) are very unlikely to utilize this math on any kind of a regular basis, if ever.

Which brings up an interesting point perhaps you can help me with. I would like to improve my skills in physics and math, should you have any suggestions in this regard. My post secondary technical institution will provide the funding for these courses, but I have not availed myself of this.
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Reply Sat 8 Aug, 2015 08:02 am
Everyone needs at least basic algebra. Loathed math in school because even 30 years ago knew I wasn't going to be working in any field where I'd need it, and even if I did, would prefer taking a computer's word for it than mine or any other person's. Smile But shopping uses arithmetic and basic algebra and it's quicker doing it in your head.

Beyond that thoughm unless you're going into business or the sciences, probably wont need math beyond basic algebra (5n=20, n=4) and the like.
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David Luek
Reply Tue 11 Aug, 2015 05:38 am

Because, At the time by solving Math problems girls should feel very cool and try to solve it by applying her mind very sharply. Remember, every math problem in this world is possible. So always try to give your best effort on this. Then easily you can solve it.

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