I need help for across the barricades

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I have to answer a lot of questions with pie style.It is about ''Across The Barricades''.I have an exam tomorrow.So if you've read this book, please help me.

Chapters 1-3
1. There were many good reasons why not, her mother would say, but Sadie was not one to be put off by
reasons, especially her mother´s.
What does this passage tell the reader about Sadie's personality?
2. What kind of character is Linda?
3. Using Mrs. McCoy and Brede as examples, what kind of life do Catholic women have?
4. Scrap in the streets: burnt-out cars and buses and armoured vehicles, torn-up paving stones, barbed-wire
coiled to form barricades. And along the streets went soldiers on patrol with fingers on the triggers of their
guns, men and women eyeing them watchfully, suspiciously, and bands of children playing at fighting and
sometimes not just playing.
What does this description tell us about the mood of chapter one?
5. Why do you think Linda told Sadie’s parents that she saw Sadie with Kevin?
6. Her thin greying hair was garnished with rollers. She took her rollers out after tea to sit and watch television
and w the television closed down at night she put the rollers back in again.
What does this passage tell the reader about Mrs. Jackson’s personality?
7. She wished she were back in the green fields of County Tyrone where she had grown up as a child. When she
was little older than Brede, Pete McCoy, dark and handsome and curly haired with a fine persuading tongue
on him, had come along and wooed her and brought her to the city. He had told her she would like the town,
its bustle and excitement, but all she ever saw of it was this street of brick terraced houses and the main road
beyond where she did her shopping. And instead of fishing for tiddlers or climbing trees her children played at
What does this passage tell the reader about Mrs. McCoy’s personality?
8. Gerald swung the gun from side to side pretending it was a machine gun, making a noise to represent the
sound of its fire. Several of the other children slumped back against the wall clutching their chests and
stomachs and sliding to the ground.
Is it normal for children to “play” at war, or should we consider the behavior the passage talks about
Chapters 4 – 6
9. What does the way Sadie and Kevin handle their argument on p. 31 reveal about their relationship?
10. What kind of character is Mrs. Mullet?
11. Tommy doesn't want to join the Orange Lodge. What does this tell us about his character?
12. Is Sadie right to treat Linda the way she does in chapter 5?
13. What kind of character is Brian Rafferty?
Chapters 7 – 9
14. How does Kevin’s response to the argument on page 58 show how he sees “The Troubles” differently than
other Catholics?
15. Was Kevin staying with Sadie and talking to her father, Mr. Mullet, and brother a good idea?
16. What do Kevin and Brian’s different opinions on the burning of Doyle’s Pub show about their characters?
Chapters 10 – 12
17. Was Brede right to try to convince Sadie to stay away from Kevin?
18. Why do Brede and Sadie have different attitudes about Sadie and Kevin’s relationship?
19. In the book it says about Kevin, “His family knew who had beaten him up and they also knew as he did, it
was better not to tell the police.” Why?
20. Is it likely that Brede burned down Mrs. McConkey’s shop? Why?
21. Tommy and Linda get into an argument. How does this show the differences in their characters?
Chapters 13 – 1522. Why is Moira and her husband’s relationship very interesting to Sadie?
23. Mrs. Kelly is Kevin’s mom’s friend in a similar way that Mrs. Mullet is Sadie’s mom’s friend. How are Mrs.
Kelly and Mrs. Mullet similar in personality? Pg 114
24. On page 121, Linda Mullet and Steve come and talk to Sadie about her relationship with Kevin. Instead of
arguing with them about it, should Sadie just try to explain the situation to them?
25. Uncle Albert wants Kevin to sneak over the fence in the middle of the night on page 127. Is this a good idea?
Chapters 16 – 20
26. Sadie and Tommy erase the phrase A TRAITOR LIVES HERE from the wall near their house. The next day in
the morning when Sadie leaves her house and, “does not see that the word TRAITOR had been repainted on
her wall.” What does this symbolize?
27. At the beginning of Chapter 16, Mr. Blake gets some letters that he ignores. Do you think this is something
he should do?
28. Sadie and Kevin do not tell the police about who they think might have caused the car accident. Is this a
good idea?
29. At the end of the book, Sadie and Kevin choose to leave. Do you think running away from their problems is a
good or a bad idea?
30. Sadie and Kevin’s relationship caused the death of Mr. Blake and many other problems in the book. Would it
have been better for them to just end their relationship?
31. How are the ways that Sadie’s parents and Kevin’s parents handle the relationship different?
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