cyberbullying is getting way out of hand

Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 09:56 am
hey everyone i just want to discuss this i cant for the life of me understand why online bullies are so cruel and why it is getting too much for some people. I do youtube videos i regularly receive hateful and disgusting comments. If anybody else had read some of the stuff i had to they would go completely insane where does peoples hate come from? i done a blog post yesterday about these kind of people im going to paste it below i would love to hear some of your experiences with cyberbullying hateful comments or bullying in your everyday life

Jealousy is the biggest illness of all time

Hello again i haven't posted anything in a while i kind of let my blog slide a bit as i mainly focus on doing YouTube videos and that is pretty hands on having to edit process upload all takes time. I have posted screenshots of some of the comments at the end of this post.

So today i want to talk about jealous people. I am a very nice person there's no bullshit with me i am nice and friendly towards people i have been bullied at a young age and in no way would i hurt somebody intentionally as i know how much it hurts when people are cruel. I will always stand up for myself and for my friends if anybody ever tried to hurt or put me down you will see the tough side of me. Life is tough enough without dealing with jealous people.

Jealous people are usually very negative people they have no self esteem they usually hide behind anon Google plus profiles anon YouTube accounts anon instagram accounts etc. A jealous person would hardly ever have anything nice to say they rarely ever give compliments I've known a few people like that in my life and couldn't understand why they were so bitter.

For example a jealous person will pick things out about you and judge you for every little thing you do or say. As i put videos up on the internet i sometimes am a target of these people. I mean I've been through bullying before i have grown a thick skin if i cared what people said to me i wouldn't make videos.

Jealous people usually target me online for a number of different things and i think the main reason is because i am confident its something they lack as they are constantly negative. I am a very kind upbeat person and when they see that i am happy that's when they try to put me down and attack me for how i look or dress. Im well past my insecure days i am happy with how i look and comments slating my appearance just makes me laugh and feel sorry for the person saying it.

There was a time a few weeks ago where the hate was getting too much for me and i wanted to quit YouTube altogether. People where bringing up my miscarriage telling me they were glad my baby died and that i would have been a awful mother and that the child aborted itself because it didn't want me as a mother. When i read those comments they stunned me how can people especially other women (it was mostly women saying those things to me) say such cruel things to another woman? A miscarriage is a very traumatic experience for a woman and you could only ever understand how lonely and empty that feels if you have gone through one yourself. They knew nothing they could say would hurt me but the one thing they knew was sick and disgusting they knew would get to me was bringing up my miscarriage against me.

I done a video a while back about it and one after that explaining how hard it was at Christmas time and every year on the same day.

Jealous people are jealous over a number of things its not always if you are pretty or if you have a good body. Its also when they see that you are happy with your life or are successful. Its something deep.down inside they wanted and the only way to make themselfs feel better is to attack you for having it instead.

I don't think anybody deserves this treatment and i don't think just because you put yourself out on the internet that your asking for bullies to comment nasty stuff. The internet especially the YouTube comment section is the vilest mean part of the internet. There is constant war and petty stupid arguments over stupid things like how a person looks and what they do. Im making this post to show people how nasty online bullies can be and that more needs to be done i preach about it so much on YouTube hoping it will reach the right audience and hope it can be stopped. I usually reply to these people to try and understand the mentality of them one time i even managed to get a troll to tell me why she took joy out of hurting people online she responded "its time passing i love to see peoples reaction to what i write" i told her how she could make jokes instead of wishing people harm and it would get more likes and comments than a horrible nasty comment would. I guess sometimes i try give these vile people advice and tell them its not a good look. It works a lot of the time and they disappear after ive said my piece but others they are just ruthless and cruel and find it funny trying to upset people. I don't believe for one second that any person who carries on this way is happy in their life's. Jealousy is a terrible illness and it just makes a person bitter and rotten to the core it will forever take over them and they won't get very far they never do.
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Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 12:44 pm
Disable comments on your YouTube videos, and report anyone who's really nasty. Your problem will be solved in less than 5 minutes.
Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 04:57 pm
I've set comments for review before they can show up instantly now if i disabled them completely i wouldnt be able to interact with the nice regular commenters
Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 04:58 pm
I've no idea why people are so sadistic. As you've clearly noticed though, some people are. I've seen the same cruelty in Amanda Knox threads, where some people find pleasure in sending innocent people to prison.

I don't think there is really anything to be done about other people choosing to be sadistic thugs. All you can do is try your best to do what is right and oppose the hate, and hope that you're making at least a small difference in the world.
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Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 06:05 pm
Then you're all set. Ignore, delete and/or report the nastiness. Easy as pie.

There are plenty of jerks out there. Don't give them a platform.
Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2014 07:12 pm
I always consider cyber bullying as an overstated problem as we need to just block and or ignore such people and more important teach our children to do the same.

I just shake my head at news stories of some child committing suicide over being cyber bully as no one is forcing them to read such nonsense and it sad that their parents never taught them that fact.

No such bullying can harm a person it they just pulled the plug on them.
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