Fiction writers you have liked but have gotten irritating

Reply Tue 2 Dec, 2014 09:48 pm
I'm generally sympathetic to writers, so I don't mean to blast the some time favorites I might mention, but simply to whine at them. The nature of serial books is often that one might want to make them into cereal, re the continuing tone or repetitive rants or dropped signals, and yet I've liked several I've read, past the sense of "I've been here". But even one book of not the serial variety can induce mixed feelings.

I've a writer in mind, one that I'm presently about eight pages from the end of the dramatic situation. I'm one of those who doesn't look to the last page before the last page. Either I finish the book or put it in the goodwill, or it's so good and intellectually dense that I give give my brain a rest period.

This time, I can barely bare one more set of explanatory type... stay tuned.

How about you?
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Reply Tue 2 Dec, 2014 09:54 pm
I have loved some of John Grisham's novels. But, the last two I started, I did not enjoy or finish.
Reply Tue 2 Dec, 2014 10:15 pm
The guy who is presently irritating me up the kazoo (wazoo) is Nelson deMille.
Good description moving on to endless explanation as pages pass and boredom occurs, no matter the serious scene he is describing.

I still grab his books at my bookstores (goodwill, hab for humanity) since I always learn stuff from them - because of his damned descriptions. Also, one of his protagonists is a pain in the ass on purpose and that gets old over several books.

And yet I'd like to reread one I first read, Up Country, to see what I think now.

Right now, I'm waiting to see if LA and SF are going to be bombed.
I doubt it, of course.

On Grisham, I've liked some of his, haven't read him in a while.
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Reply Wed 3 Dec, 2014 02:48 am
Stephen King's endings. A brilliant story writer but the ending is often a disappointment. Like It a brilliant scary clown turns out to be some huge underground dwelling psychic spider.
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Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2014 05:23 pm
Tamora Pierce
I love her work but 1of her sagas has been going since 1983 that's roughly 10yrs. Before I was born and it's still running. The saga I am trying to read has had a min of 4yrs in between the books. It has three series and is currently 11books long and the next book is predicted to be out in 2016. Absolutely stressing on my follow the books mentality.

Other than that I love the series and it's progression.
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Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2014 07:36 pm
Yeah, Grisham. I like almost all of his stuff. I almost gave up on Gray Mountain. He had several occurrences of a rifle chambered for 51mm. Not caliber; millimeters. What a man! Forty mm used to make a real fine antiaircraft gun.
Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2014 07:51 pm
Grisham has my respect for some of them. I think these days he must write with a notion and not a plan.
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