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thanks Smile
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eBeth, quinn, what I really enjoy, the point of the whole excercize, is to play music and movies ... mostly music. In my collection of phonograph records are many pieces that will never make it to CD, and lots of other stuff I prefer on vinyl to the version available on disc. I have lots of tapes of live performances and FM broadcasts that will never be commercially available. Among the archived video are lots of memories of freinds, pets, family, and places ... and some of that video is all that is tangible left of some of those things. I enjoy what the gear does far more than the gear itself, and it doesn't do much without program material.

As to 2.8Ghz interference, the microwave oven is a bigger irritation than the wireless phones. I've noticed no problems with interference from the phones, and we have several 2.8Ghz phones. The way the phones work more or less is they seek out and use an uncluttered frequency within their available range of frequencies, and shift frequencies if the one in use becomes "Noisy" ... "Noisy" to the phone being anything it does not recognize as its own signal. Its a little more complex than that, but that's the general idea. The microwave on the other hand is a rude, insensitive, uncaring beast with no regard whatsoever for anything it might be interupting. We are circumspect as a result, and use it only when audio is not attempting to share the ether.

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Thanks for the clarification, timber. I understand the enjoyment of memories, whether visual or auditory or otherwise. The pride thing kind of threw me off. In light of reading I've been doing, it smacked a bit of what people in other cultures comment on in regard to the 'haves'. Although I shouldn't have been shocked to see the comment, I was.
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