Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2014 09:42 am
Early last year I started an affair with a married man I am also married. Before all this we use to be really good friends. To start with it was purely emotional and after 7 months it turned physical. His marriage had been bad for several years and I didn’t feel fulfilled by mine.

My husband isn’t always physical with me but he has been in the past. Anyway we fell in what felt like the most intense love. He left his wife last year and said he would wait for me as I was his dream and he didn’t care how long it took. He even asked me to marry him at one point. I always said that I wanted to end my marriage for my own reasons and not based on me and him and I needed a bit of space but he didn’t want to give me that space incase the feelings and love started to fade.

Anyway in the last few weeks he has ended the affair and two days later he his dating someone else as he says he needs to have a life and cant wait forever and if we carry on as we are we would both end up hating each other. I know we needed to end the affair as it was killing us both but now he says he cant be friends as he has told the girl he is dating about us and that wouldn’t be fair to her and he needs to move on. Out of everything it hurts that he doesn’t want to stay in any kind of touch we have been their for each other for the last 2 years and all of a sudden he has dropped me which makes me feel it was all just words and I was there till he picked himself up after his marriage breakdown. Should I really just accept that he will never be part of my life again even as just a friend and how can he move on so fast
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Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2014 10:37 am
Let him go, and work on your marriage, or yourself. Either leave or don't - **** or get off the pot, as they say. But you're in limbo and it's unfair to subject others to that.
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Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2014 10:44 am
It sounds to me like it was never about you in the first place.I'm sorry for the pain you are in but the way I see it from what you have described,this man was unhappy with his marriage,so he started an affair with you while divorcing wife,then when he wasn't happy with you he found someone else.Its because he has the problem,and just likes to pass the blame.Your not moving on his time schedule and now your being punished.he's not worth bothering over.But you are not going to be happy in any relationship untill you are honest with yourself about why you were having an affair to begin with.This is your life,make it what you want,you deserve to be happy.
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Reply Fri 28 Nov, 2014 11:07 am
You are so unfair to him. He did what man should had done if unhappy while married. You are hurt but you wouldn't make yourself available to him?
What do you want for him to do? Wait for you for...ever?
Or if you love him and you hurt and lovesick - divorce!
If not - let him go.
You wanted to stay married and for him now to cheat on his girlfriend with you? That is wrong.
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