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Hello everyone Smile
I am from India and i am engaged with my cousin since 2012 and we both never talk to each other other then hello hi whatsup never a deep conversation. after a year pass i start feeling that he is not interested in me beacuse i know him since childhood and he is not shy type guy so i start feeling maybe he is forced by his family i even asked him but he say no i am very much interested which again make me confused but now in 2013 i start my university and there i had a crush and i become friend with my crush and now we are dating from 2 month and last time when i met my finance i was so frustrate that i told him that i don't see any interest from your side and the place in my heart is still empty so if other guy will come in my life so it will be your mistake and from the other day he all of sudden start showing interest start messaging me,taking me for shopping and we are just talking about all stuff,future,kids etc i don't know what happened to him :/

Now i feel like i am cheating my boyfriend :S i don't know what to do. If i leave my finance and and choose my boyfriend then idk our relationship is just 2 month old i can't say anything about future yet i don't know he is serious or not. on the other hand if i choose my finance who is all of sudden showing intreset then i am cheating with my boyfriend. i am totally confused heart say boyfriend as i love him and mind say my finance

Please guys help me and advice me what to do whats right and wrong
thank you
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Your culture in India is in some key ways vastly different from the majority of many members in the forum (but not all). This is neither bad or good. I find that cultural difference are fascinating...but when it comes to differences such as arranged marriages, there can be a problem trying to grasp it.

Would I be correct in saying that your engagement to your cousin is a parental arrangement?

At some point you may need to decide whether or not you want to break with the traditional custom of arranged marriage. Your cousin appears not be your desired partner. If you continue on this path, you would not likely be happy - a bad situation to enter your adult life.

If you stayed with arranged marriage, would you be marrying your cousin for financial security or approval/keeping peace in your family?
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