I can has cheezburger?

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Well, it is ungrammatical. But does the author delibrately used this ungrammatical form to sound like a hick/red neck/uncultured so as to make an impression of hospitality?


I can has cheezburger? Protein cancer risk overblown
18:54 04 March 2014 by Catherine de Lange
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Are you middle-aged and partial to cheeseburgers? If so, you may be concerned by a study suggesting you have a much greater risk of dying from cancer than your peers who favour a less protein-rich diet. But not all researchers agree with the study's findings.

Morgan Levine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and her colleagues analysed a dietary survey of more than 6300 people in the US aged over 50. Those aged 50-65 at the time of the survey and who had a high-protein diet – one where protein supplied a fifth of calories – were 75 per cent more likely to have died over the next 18 years than peers who only got 10 per cent of their calories from protein.
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It's an internet meme. People will post cute pictures of cats saying ungrammatical things such as "i can has cheeseburger," and everyone is expected to say: "Aw, isn't that cute?" To English-speakers, at least, who are familiar with the internet, it would get a smile and a nod.
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The entire "cute cats" on the internet thing has become a sort of meta-meme. A common joke about the internet these days is that people will spend lots of money to get the latest technology and pay a hefty fee for internet service . . . just so they can go look at pictures of cats.
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I wan to see if this thread gets a NSFW lable

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I dream of starting a thread that gets such a tag.

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