Why would anyone think the hospital is incomptent ?

Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 10:28 pm
Why would anyone think that way ?
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Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 10:37 pm
As someone who has spent more time in the hospital than many, why would you assume any hospital is competent at all times? I can recount horrendous mistakes, poor treatment, receiving the wrong medications including being prepped in the middle of the night for an operation that was intended for someone else. You have to stay on your toes.
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Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 01:08 am
In the UK...
Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 03:31 am
Yep, that's what comes of promoting people to the level of their incompetence, then layering on several levels of unnecesary management, whilst making cutbacks at the coal face.

Typical New Labour, in fact. It happened in other areas of their government as well.
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Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 05:07 am
Hospitals by their very nature have to hire humans to staff their institution. Robots aren't advanced enough to do most of human jobs.

By nature, humans are flawed and make mistakes. Mistakes made in hospitals can carry major consequences (loss of limb or life for instance). When someone falls a victim to one of these mistakes? They tend to blame the person or persons involved. You know. The one who made the mistake who works for the hospital. By association, a person who works for a hospital represents the hospital. Yada yada.
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Reply Sun 17 Jul, 2022 05:23 pm
it also depends what country you live in. I give you an example how the Australian Hospitals run things here in Australia - the V.I.P people such as royalty , Politicians , professors , Judges , when for example they have something such as a tumor growing inside their eye - they give them a radioactive isotope to shrink it - if your just a commoner( not v.i.p) they rip out your eye . This is the sort of treatment Aussie Hospitals do. Shame on you Australia !!!
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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 10:39 am
Lets have an understanding.

People in the hospital are the same people who experiments and test products on animals. ( like a psychologist major is able to get paid to do ). Many of them do not see you as a human being. It is like a Jewish term gentile. Be aware while their are many good people in the medical industry many are just their for the money, and do not care. Many people in the medical industry ( and academia ) have been found in many criminal acts or associated with such businesses.

Well because if you have not learned this Medical people are the greatest scum on the planet. The problem is that you have some great people working alongside these scum. Too many people only thinking about the money and how everything will be okay but the flat-fact without realizing they are doing jobs that is memorization for the most part, and do not really learn until they go into practice. They barely use math or any knowledge at all.

Anybody could learn what they learn and know what they know. Most of them are literally technicians, oppose to engineer ( as most engineers work as technitions ). Memorizing
1. Standard procedures,
2. Order of operations

If you could get past the
1. Blood
2. Dealing with patients and not insulting them
3. The fact somebody can sue you despite signing a contract.

You have medical-malpractice. Like
A. My great aunt husband went for an operation and came home then bled to death.
B. My grand mother insulin shot was switched with a pill and caused her brain to crystallize ( imbalance of sugar )
C. A medical staff just said "I am doing my job".
D. I go into a medical center and this man fell from the bed, he seems okay but because of "protocol" they do not touch the man. The guy is reaching his arm out to be picked up.
E. The same stupidity happens in my own area, and the aide did nothing but run for her job to get an ambulance. I picked the woman up and she was fine.
F. They send Aides ( especially women ) who do not do what they need to do,
and while they do the basics, things ( money ) could go missing, along with impossible attitudes. Imagine some bum telling you "In my house we do not open the window when they ask a simple thing" ( I would $#$@$ing imagine a son or daughter hearing this bs and simply canceling the $#$@$ing aide tooth sweet )". To bums who are locked out screaming "I need to get paid for the day" or "I want my money".
G. Doctors/physicians who reccomend you poorer and "cost-effective" treatments instead of giving you the best option. Some idiot wants to give you a transplant that could possible go through rejection/pain-killers ( bad for liver ) when they could give an operation that requires no transplant
H. Sometimes they have an idiot who puts a tool down the babies throat to clear it. This could cause the kid to have problems talking. My sister this happen to and they sued the hospital and won. For a long time she had problems talking ( sound like donald duck ) until she was past twenty.
I. people delivering babies and carving their signature in the mothers belly/vaginal area after sealing her up.
J. People delivering babies ( Jewish ) who wants to go home fast so they carve the mothers belly open instead of allowing her to give a proper natural birth.
leaving her with a scar for life.
K. Filthy ear testing equipment with wax from somebody.
L. Filthy chair piece in eye clinic that could give you bumps because from previous people.
M. People not resetting the place where a patient is suppose to be seated.
N. Doctors ( like the foot doctor and others ) who ops for a brace instead of giving you the necessary shots or recommending acupuncture, or Chinese pressure points via martial arts and medical.
O. Manacle women surgeons who will not STFU about feminism.
P. Doctors/Physicians once again who are girls who keeps thinking that everybody thinks she is a nurse, when she is dressed up as one and does not even have any indication or badges or pins of her status.
Q. People have ( and still being caught ) selling peoples organs. In fact illegally removing peoples organs while they are still alive or in a possible situation where they could perform an operation on them illegally to gain access to those organs and or harvesting the organs from freshly dead corpses.
R. People have been caught with human trafficking violations.
S. Various services that offers to harvest DNA material for human trafficking that is in plain sight.
T. Any Medical staff including doctors/phyisicans laughing about patients behind closed doors. Writing about them online, and making jokes about them.
U. Medical staff smoking within arriving distance to hospitals ( like bums and secretaries ).
V. People playing around with patients in order to mess with other doctors method of thinking.
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