European survey: Jewish citizens feel anti-Semitism is on the rise

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I've known some people that are anti-Frenetic. Back in the '60's they would say, "Wow," and "Cool" frequently. I was alway too high-strung with neurotic anxiety to be anti-Frenetic. Los Angeles used to be known for being anti-Frenetic. "Heavy, man!"

But, getting back to this thread, the difference between the 1930's and today is that Israel is giving non-Jews (aka, Gentiles) the cognitive dissonance of not understanding what happened to the "timid Jew"? Or, is it just that Jews act differently when not a minority?
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@Walter Hinteler,
The majority of Zionist Israel funds is coming from US tax-payers wallets.
When people know and see people who travels between those nations. People who lives in between those nations. People who owns African mining businesses, people who could careless about the sterilization of Ethiopian women without consent, people who owns properties and donates to these so called charities, what is one to think.

I feel violated knowing my parents money is going into the hands of "anybody" who are proud racist. I could commit suicide right now just thinking about it. Imagine you slaved away your life and did something for your family by burning that money into a persons hand who then takes it to wage war on anybody else who is "not them".

What about dropping COVID requirements.
What about the job market.
What about ability to exist as a functioning person that feels normal

People of today are not their cowardly parents of yesterdays world. If you have not noticed. So when you want to burn money into something that is long over ( AKA WWII ) instead of working with your peers, and making the world grow.

Nope, people say "I do not care" and pretend they are okay.


It is impossible not to hate "them". You fight it everyday ( like right now I need to take a long walk outside so I would not lose my lunch ), but you decide to read the headlines and "balance your budget".

I burnt over $10,000 down a persons pocket who wants to eliminate me.


They know it. They do everything not to give anything to "The non-Jews".
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