Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 01:25 pm
Why do i feel (and do it) like crying all the time. I have been going thru menopause for for 15 years now and never had a day of depression before i started menopause. Nowadays i am crying a lot and hate taking anti-depression tablets as most make me feel ill. Are my hormones "out of sync?" or is it something else. I don't know parentage health as was adopted as a baby.
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Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 01:42 pm
Menopause is just - eh - it's not a fun time a lot of the time, eh?

Talk to your primary care physician. Explain that menopause is affecting you emotionally (or at least you believe it is), and see what s/he says.

One thing I've personally found that's helpful is to get more exercise. This helps me to sleep better, and sleep deprivation/hot flashes/night sweats are things that can make you pretty damned miserable during menopause, and sleep deprivation can create depression-like symptoms (fatigue, impatience, sadness, etc.). So talk to your doctor, see if s/he says it's okay to exercise, and see if you can get out a bit, go walking, swimming, whatever you like.

I can't promise that this is a cure by any means, but it might help and it's not drug-based at all.

Best to you; I know the dance of blanket on/blanket off as I do it many nights these days.
Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 01:49 pm
Go to your local health food store and talk to them. There are many herbal remedies for this time when your hormones are re-adjusting and for depression.

15 years of perimenopause? That seems like an overly long time to me. Your symptoms should be lessening by now.
Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 02:32 pm
thanks. I do exercise a bit about 3km walking in the morning as i have to run a hotel the rest of the day and its fairly quiet but am tied to the place if u know what i mean. Don't sleep well now, and haven't got my horses anymore which was good exercise but its not viable to have them here. will try more exercise as i know it helps.
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Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 02:38 pm
thanks, youv'e reminded me about Calm which is good and i had forgotten about it. Unfortunately i'm in a small town with no health food store but will try and get some when i go to Pirie next. My symptoms have lessened but my depression has increased and this may help me. Doctor told me i would have this all my life now. Had a very very bad time before and Menopause Institute put me on strong tablets which caused me dizziness and eventually my heart nearly went thru my chest for 20 mins. Went to woman doctor who told me to get off tablets as i was on a lethal dose so for the last 4 years have to to "wear the hot sweats" but the depression is worse.
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Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2013 07:29 pm
If you haven't had any lab work done recently, you might have your nutritional levels checked. Sounds to me like you may also be anemic and possibly deficient in the vitamin B complex of nutrients.

If you don't already take a good multi-vitamin for older women, please start.

There are also some over the counter things you can use to get some relief from the symptoms. Check out this old topic on the subject for some suggestions:

And here's a topic with discussion by several of us women of a certain age about the symptoms we individually experienced:
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