Can single channel headphones be used with a police scanner?

Reply Tue 28 May, 2013 04:58 pm
I know that the police scanner would be scanning multiple frequencies, but does it broadcast on a single channel, or would I need headphones that can scan multiple channels?
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Reply Tue 28 May, 2013 06:58 pm
Headphones do not perform any RF signal detection. Speakers or headphones are provided electrical charge from the output stage of a scanner AFTER RF detection. This electrical charge in the headphone causes an audible sound...a frequency that your ears can hear.

A headphone, earphone or speaker have nothing to do with detecting an RF signal or scanning channel. Any output device...speaker or headphone ... is acceptable. It can be a singular speaker..monaural or dual...to a stereo headphone but the audio has no need to be stereo. A single earphone would be fine.

Whether a scanner detects multiple frequencies is hardly relevant. All that matters is that you can hear it - and one monaural speaker is appropriate.

The signal detection is performed in a one stage of scanner (RF). After the RF signal's detection within the scanner it turns into an audio output. No musical material is there...just voice...so using a single headphone is appropriate.
Reply Tue 28 May, 2013 09:00 pm
The reason I was asking is because the wireless headphones I'm using now seem to be picking up every radio station in the country when they scan for frequencies, when I only want to listen to my police scanner. If I used a single channel set of headphones, would that let me listen to my scanner rather than the radio? Or is it not possible to use wireless headphones with a police scanner? Thanks.
Reply Tue 28 May, 2013 09:47 pm
Sorry but you totally lost me. The fact that your radio has wireless headphones should be irrelevant. If you want to listen to police scanner freqs, then you set your radio to that function. It is not relevant to what way (in this case... headphone) you listen to any band of frequencies. If your police scanner allows wireless headphones only you can answer. It needs an 'eye' for the wireless reception. Or else you need to plug in an earphone to the jack.

I'll let someone else answer this.
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