We are all like little children who often say: "Mom, Dad, leave me alone, I want to be on my own".

Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2021 10:55 am
Interesting your description and you stated that I STARTED TO PRAY GOD.. etc.. Well, it doesn't mine that god exist because you prayed it,your was an uncontrolled act to save your skin;I am not criticising you for what you did, I am criticising you for the fact that that because every things went well, it must be god intervention.
Let me give you an example,if in a situation like that you would have prayed the devil or the president of the USA or the dead your grand mother and the incident terminated positively, was not god but ??? entities that saved you ??
Be reasonable, in a similar situation anyone would hunt to anything to safe their skin but it doesn't mean that is your prayer that saved the situation.
This bring back my believe that , during uncertainty, the human being will say anything hoping to save himself.
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2021 11:25 am
Starting today we will pray to learn Chinese.
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Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2022 07:02 pm
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Agent Smith
Reply Thu 17 Nov, 2022 01:21 am
There are some criteria we havta fulfill to qualify as children! Do we fulfill them?
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Reply Tue 20 Dec, 2022 07:59 am
I think so. At seventy five I still like 'good', and assume everyone else does too.

It's the last part that qualifies me. Naive as ever..
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