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Hello friends, I have a property in uk. This property is gifted me by my step grandfather. But i don't have any legal documents of that. Now my step father want to sell that house. What should i have to do now?
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First and foremost: STOP LYING WITH THESE THREADS! Stop spamming a2k with your phishing site.

sanewarne wrote:

Hi, I own a house (only name on mortgage and deed). I lived there with my girlfriend, and when we broke up, I signed a statement stating I would give her the net proceeds of the house when it sold (she moved out). After unsuccessful attempts at selling, I stayed in the house. I eventually married, and my wife and I live in the house. I did refinance the house, and my wife is on the deed. So, my question is, will I still owe all the proceeds of the sale of the house? There was basically no equity in the house, but will continue to grow as we live there. Thank you in advance.
sanewarne wrote:

I'm disabled and I live in low-rent housing in VA. Six weeks ago 2 exterminators and two from housing management knocked on my door. When I opened it the 2 exterminators standing behind them pointed saying they do not want you here. While in the kitchen the exterminators said they don't want you here. One management lady went on and on about how the apartment smelt like urine. This had happened before, I have a cat, and before they came In I sprayed, cleaned, and poured floor cleaner on a clean floor so it wouldn't smell. I told her I didn't believe her. I could be evicted for this. Five of my neighbors came in to smell the apartment it did not smell. I contacted the main office another town by fax. I talked with the management here and the planned on coming back in in a few weeks. The day before Thanksgiving the landlord stood in front of me pointed at me then shook her fists at her groin the her fist inbetween her legs with her legs spread apart. I'm not a prostitute. I'm 54 years old with total pelvic prolapse. I can't have sex physically. I live with my son and daughter in a 2 bed. I lost all trust and respect for those people. When they came last week for the second expection. well. I sprayed air freshner all around the apartment as they walked through. I also told them that if they found anything dirty that I need to take a picture of it. OK I passed. A few days ago my water heater went out. I came very close to getting evicted. One man tried to say that rolling tobacco was pot. I told them to call the police and let them check it out. They told my son the shaking at the fist thing again. He told them I can't have sex. Now when I take my dog out to walk. Maintenance when they see me shake their fist at their mouth and sign language I'm the one to leave. I need help.
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Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2013 12:19 pm
He seems to think he still owns the property. Hence I've got questions about that so-called gift. Perhaps he only intended for you to live there for a while, or gain some income from it briefly or whatever.

Be that as it may, he sure as shooting thinks it's his now.

How about asking him - "Gramps, I thought this place was mine." And he'll say no or yes or whatever.

Is it worthwhile to pursue legal options? Possibly. Real property of course is $$ but at least in the US oral promises aren't going to mean diddly without paperwork. Not to mention the fact that taking him to court likely means harming, perhaps irrevocably, your relationship with him and possibly also your mother.

What to do? Think long and hard about what it's worth to you. Is this your only place to live? Your only source of income? Are you already estranged from him and your mother? Then it might be worth it to sue, but keep in mind that your chances of prevailing are pretty slim here in the US.

Or let it go and tell yourself that, if there is ever a next time that you find yourself in a similar situation, insist on getting something in writing. It is not a lack of trust and you are not being a jerk. It's to make sure that everyone remembers everything correctly and with complete agreement.
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