Defining the Hitler Youth - In terms of psychological makeup.

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Defining the Hitler youth in terms of psychological makeup, as a person denouncing of the agendas in motion to create such yet finding himself parallel, whilst ignoring face implication of masses who prefer hatred to comprehension.

The Hitler youth was created to be a master race of over watch upon the people midst a world order change.

Extreme measures of psychological alteration were used to manifest a dominance syndrome, which can only be measured external by actions upon the people, not by discussions or implications stemming from fear of the past or futures or from the general attack mode of those witnessing their own "psy op'd" soldiers and civilians in cages orchestrated by those seeking answers they prefer to hide in clandestine secrecy and deny all knowledge of.

The similarity according to those prepared to deal with waves of new world order change, to the Hitler youth program, in assorted methodologies applied throughout all aspects of training in populous management is far over exaggerated, the general consensus of 'such cannot be here' is overwhelming of those who are assigned to be programmed in part, in much the same way most Europeans are overly programmed to believe that progress is evil because of the past.

Protocols for world management are compartmentalized per country, thus are present in every country, this does not change simply because one force has a country rather than smaller groups who argue.
People fear the explanation of truth itself for they do not comprehend that populous management extends beyond emotional complacency everywhere.
World level events are met with force required even in the allied mindset.

Any-way, back to the original discussion.
In a world where one cannot simply beat off the psychology which is required for survival after the psychology itself has been applied to keep up with world events, however similar to 'the Hitler youth program' you 'feel' it may appear.. Certain explanations must be given.

Similar mindsets without the traits which apply to 'megalomania' as a root reasoning and a presented output, are misread as explanations must be given and answers must be found pertaining to future directions which the world will face perpetually for ages to come.

What I mean by that is, certain psychological makeups are built to handle truth's beyond the many's ability to not become irritated at their presence..
Truth's which can kill in a world in which acceptance that those truth's exist is the only answer to prevent waves and countries from perishing through ignorance.

I would appreciate the ability then, to point out that psychological similarity to 'the Hitler youth' does not include by default the overall energy construct of dominate pride.. This thing we leave for you and your emotional excess to revel in, as children with a gun do, when they see emotional potential for success...

Do you get the point to this document?.

I can explain more intricately if you wish, though you must ask specifically if you wish for an exact explanation of subsections, pertaining to any branch of psychology, physics or metophysics.
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