How can I stop this girl from sabotaging my career?

Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2012 12:39 pm
This new migrant girl has arrived at our University of Mumbai, which is based in India. All she knows to do is to siphon information from us by pretending to be good and then spread wrong information about the locals here and misuse the resources and even my ideas that I gave her thinking that she is good, plus now she is trying to steal our jobs and is trying to do everything in her power, including using our ideas to get on the good side of the professors by maligning us with them.

What's more? She has now befriended a white Muslim man, who does literally everything for her. Today, all the professors who were generally nice to me gave me a cold shoulder and I felt like crying. Don't know what information she has spread, but they were telling her that they would send her overseas on an exchange program for completing her PhD at the cost of our University, something another professor had promised me and this new head of the department is simply copying. Also, my friend invited me for his wedding today and this girl is asking him who are all on the guest list. When she thought that I am not there, she asked him to pick her up. What a cheap person she is, stooping down so low! What do I do to stop this girl from Assam from sabotaging my career?
Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2012 01:44 pm
A lot of this is none of your damned business.

This girl is simply using the resources of the University to her best advantage. Which I imagine you or anyone else would, if you could. Do your professors believe her? Well, they aren't professors for nothing. They might actually, you know, have brains. If you have concrete proof of cheating and plagiarism, then of course bring to the professors' (and dean's) attention. If not, then it's just rumors.

As for her friendship with this man, who the hell cares? Are you jealous? Are you interested in her? If not, then butt out. And, hell, even if you are, butt out. People are allowed to have relationships, yanno.

As for her trying to take your "jobs", that's pretty amusing, seeing as she most likely can't hold down more than one job at a time. I think you mean that she's trying to get you all fired. Well, talk to your boss, not us! And have documentation. Again, you need proof - otherwise it's just nasty rumors. Perhaps this girl is innocent.

As for her being cheap, again, none of your damned business. If your friend wants to pick her up, then he'll do so. If not, he won't. If he wants to invite her, he will. If not, he won't. I fail to see where you are involved in any of that nonsense. As for her asking for a ride, well, you have no idea whatsoever of her life, now, do ya? Maybe she's poor. Maybe she has bad night vision and can't drive. Maybe she's a mutant zombie looking to eat the brains of your friend.

So much drama, so little of the business is your own. Are you this bored and unchallenged in your life that you need to gossip about this woman anonymously online?
Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2012 11:00 pm
What Jespah says - most of it is none of your business (she's got a muslim man doing stuff for her - that's not at all anything to do with you)

And she isn't ruining your career - that's pure theatre on your part...what, are you saying she can somehow wreck the results of your work?

And you gave her information - which was your choice, and you are upset that you are a bad judge of character? Why did you give her the information in the first place - to show off, try and curry favour with her, or in the hope it might lead to her hopping into bed with you?

Seriously, grow up.
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Green Witch
Reply Fri 23 Nov, 2012 12:39 pm
You can't change other people, you can only change yourself. You sound paranoid, bigoted, insecure and not someone who I would want to be friends with. Instead of criticizing another person start by fixing yourself.
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