Instructions To Create Unique Tabletop Displays In Your Restaurant

Mon 29 Oct, 2012 07:53 pm
Hello Guys,

1. Create displays around your restaurant's theme, name or purpose. For a steakhouse restaurant, use speckled enamelware coffeepots to hold flowers or tie red bandannas around mason jars and fill with daisies. If your restaurant is in a theater district, glue small dramatic masks on floral picks and incorporate them into floral displays. For tea rooms, fill colorful teapots and cups with flowers for your tabletops.

2. Make tabletop displays that reference the seasons. Add interesting or unique holidays to the roster to create eye-catching table displays. Glass jars filled with candy conversation hearts make interesting Valentine's Days displays, and small Halloween cauldrons spray-painted gold and filled with gold chocolate coins make good St. Patrick's displays. President's Day can be celebrated with presidential paper dolls placed on small stands, cherry tree blossoms or jars filled with vintage election buttons.

3. Incorporate barware or glassware into your table displays to promote a drink or create an interesting display. Use martini glasses filled with colorful candies or water and floating candles. Put wine glasses of different sizes on tables and fill with sea glass and colorful rocks or pebbles. Purchase small glass pitchers and fill with water and a single betta fish. Fill a wine carafe with popcorn, pretzels or other snacks for more casual restaurants; fill demitasse cups with single flowers such as gardenias for fine dining locations.

4. Create elaborate floral displays or use natural items to add interest to your restaurant's tabletops. Buy different types of Bonsai trees for tabletops, fill jars with river rocks or seashells or purchase dried flowers that will last for years to come. Display live or fresh flowers in unique vases such as galvanized buckets, clear bottles of strawberry or orange soda, antique bottles and empty, cleaned cans of tomato soup or foods from international groceries.

5. Add interest to tabletops with games. Paint an entire tabletop picture frame (including the glass) with brightly colored magnetic paint. Put small bowls or jars with magnetic poetry pieces or plastic alphabets on tables to allow patrons to decorate frames. Fill bowls with colorful dice and add a sheet of instructions on how to play different dice games. Purchase vintage games or small travel games and put them on tables. Fill jelly jars with sharpened pencils and place on tables along with copies of crossword puzzles or word games that can function as place mats.

Thanks and Regards
William Hayden
Mon 29 Oct, 2012 08:00 pm

You honestly think anyone is reading your spammy crap and will buy anything or click on anything because of it?
Mon 29 Oct, 2012 08:04 pm

what she said.

(I thought it said unique tabletop delays...)
Mon 29 Oct, 2012 08:48 pm
(I thought it said unique tabletop delays...)

Nope, it didn't, Rocky.
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Lustig Andrei
Mon 29 Oct, 2012 09:32 pm
Post that on the Truth About Vietnam Vets thread.
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