Clothing, footwear and size/quality issues...

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I have gripes when it comes to clothing and footwear. I plan on using this thread to voice a few. My main gripe is with over priced flimsy textiles and the fact that most nothing is the right size... Today's clothing can't compete with the way clothes used to be made because they have to be shipped from so far away.

I have problems with where many things are made (not the workers who makes them). My first gripe is who foots the bill for textiles to be sent halfway around the globe? It certainly is not the corporations... No, the consumer pays. So the corporations design textiles more flimsy, much less tread count, usually too small or at least a size smaller than it states, they severely underpay foreign workers, pass the transportation bill for moving it across the globe to consumers and jack up the initial price to a ridiculous amount. This wastes energy making throw away clothes that don't last while trucking them from the farthest possible place on earth.

Would you pay 5o to 100 dollars for a pair of flimsy low thread count cargo pants? Well even at discount outlets that is where the price on a pair of cargo pants usually starts off. Even with bargain brands... I could care less to pay for just a nice logo... Eventually the price gets lowered for clearance on some items... I pity the poor fool who buys them at the initial price.

Have you tried to buy a pair of men's crew socks in the last few years? Well they say they are for shoe size 8-12... If you have a size 9 1/2 shoe size expect these socks to be like a tourniquet.. If you buy size 9-13 shoe size (they are hard to even find) the socks are a bit longer yea but they get you in them only being an infinitesimal size larger in circumference. So even if your shoe size is 9 1/2 expect even the larger sock size (at twice the price) to also cut off the circulation in your feet. Like Chinese foot binding... I am not kidding one bit... Someone sure thinks this is a joke.

If you have a 9 1/2 foot be prepared to buy a size 11 shoe. Off by an inch and a half. They will also be too narrow for most people's feet and nearly no arch support at all. Buying shoes used to be a pleasure where a knowledgeable sales person would actually measure and select the right shoe size.

What is up here people? Flimsy overpriced fabrics that cut corners in every conceivable area. Today I saw a pair of cargo pants on the rack at a major dept store where they had never been worn, yet the seam was already splitting due just to being sewn through. I am wondering when plastic garbage bags will become fashionable clothing. A burlap sack used to be manufactured with more fabric and tread count.

If our textiles did not have to be shipped halfway across the globe maybe a bit more quality might go into their manufacture. But the clothing labels would not be able to make such a killing while passing the transportation cost also over to the consumers... Heaven forbid if these clothes were actually manufactured to last longer. Like clothes used to be hand me downs for several kids and I used to have clothing that I wore in my late teens. Now even work boots last only one year (if you're lucky)...

And what is up with the size thing? Are they being made for skinnier, seemingly undernourished people with just bone and absolutely no muscle tone? Are they measuring them with metrics and selling them in inches? I can't even buy a pair of men's crew socks that do not cut off the circulation in my feet, no matter which brand or how much I am willing to pay for them. I pity people with really huge ankles and calves. This is not meant to be an insult to foreign labor, this problem rests at the feet (no pun intended) of the clothing labels...

Anyone else notice this? What happened to fine quality clothing at reasonable bargain basement prices? If you want cheap, torn up, stone washed and already worn out clothes? Go to a department store. If you want nice quality clothes that last a few years? Go to Goodwill... Something is wrong with this picture here...
Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 02:08 am
Another unpopular post with a2kers... I have thankfully learned to ignore this for good reason. I am glad my trends are not linked to solely to their opinion but my own gut sense.
Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 02:25 am
Go to Goodwill... Something is wrong with this picture here...

Nothing at all wrong with your gripe.

Alot of clothes I have found for me, are made in China, nothing wrong with that, but they don't accomodate my um, breasts and so I can't wear half of those clothes or they cater for size (Australian 8) and I am a 10, so it doesn't fit.

I shop alot on line with European brands as a result they fit.

Or, I, go, to , the, Goodwill Smile Because at least I can mix and match and find stuff that fits and no one else is wearing them, plus i come out with 10 items for the same price not that I am a scrooge, it just seems to work for me.

Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 07:05 am
Thank you Found Soul Smile

I never even thought about bras being too small. Ouch! My feet don't feel as bad.. Misery does love company, and comfort in this case too. Smile

I didn't post this thread with the intention of being insulting. I have stated before I love all people equally. I really do. I don't just say this I live this...

I posted this because I do believe a few influential people read my blogs and the next thing someone really nice will send me a news article describing how the legislature intends to fix this problem.

I complained about the toothbrushes being sold at The Family Dollar store being too cheaply made, usable only once and bad for the environment and a month or so later the problem was fixed... I know someone out there hears me and cares.

What gets me is the practical side. I have a huge sock drawer with socks that don't fit me. After so long I get frustrated and if the sock is only a tiny bit too small I will in a fit throw it away. Even if they are fairly new till I eventually have no socks, only to go out and re-buy more socks that are too small. ...and the cycle repeats itself... When I do wear them I come home and my ankles have imprints of the socks around them and my feet feel swollen and unhealthy...

I am a person who believes in getting something done about things in my life that don't function in an optimal reasonable manner.

Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 07:14 am
Women have considerably more fit issues than men do. A part of that is the manufacturers' fault, e. g. they just think - size 10 model - and then size up or down accordingly and, the truth is, our bodies don't work that way.

But another part of it is that we don't protest. A lot of overweight/obese women are more or less conditioned to just accept limited overpriced choices as their lot in life (our society really loves shaming the overweight, particularly if you are female and also a racial minority, and throw in poverty and you can get a lot of people really looking down their nose at you).

Yet another piece of it is alluded to above. The ratios do not hold true because a woman who weighs, say, 200 pounds is going to be a size 14 in some areas, and another one with an identical weight is going to be a size 18. Measurements are fine but clothes are often not cut properly, even with a size chart that the manufacturer is supposed to follow. Plus not everything is measured. Bras are about the only clothes for women that are measured (e. g. around the fullest part of the bust, around the underband and around the shoulders where the straps are supposed to go (eliminate this measurement for a strapless bra, of course).

But take a blazer, for example. Waist and bust might be accounted for, or at least they should be, but I've found that shoulders often aren't. Same with around the upper part of the bicep. I have tried on many, many blazers that should fit perfectly, but they don't because the arm holes are too small.

Why do women's jeans often look like crap? Because, unlike men who can get away with just waist and inseam measurements, women's jeans need to also account for butt and rise, and often also thigh circumference.

Etc. etc. you get what I mean.
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Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 10:25 am
For men, at least, generic sizing (i.e. small, medium, large, extra-large) ranges around three different measurements. So, a size large shirt from one manufacturer might be a good size for you, from another it might be too small, and yet from another it might be too big. Online stores provide sizing charts, but even then, sometimes their manufacturers don't follow their charts.

In regard to material quality, the name brand stuff tends to be of better quality than the generic stuff. In clothes, at least, you do tend to get what you pay for.

Concerning where clothes are manufactured, like any other industry, the clothing companies try to pay as little as possible for the production of clothes including materials, labor and transportation. If it were cheaper to manufacture clothes in places other than where they now do, they would.
Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 10:47 am
I bought a pair of Crocs (plastic shoe type sandals) today. After buying a size eleven sneaker in the men's section at Payless a week ago these Crocs have two sizes on the bottom one size for men and one size for women. The men's size read size 8, the women's size read size 10.

Between the sneakers and these Crocks that is a three size difference. If these size problems are not standardized and fixed these size problems are going to mean the death of online clothing and shoe mail order sales...
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Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 03:44 pm
You know, it's one thing to be a minority so you don't count although I would imagine there are loads of guys with "big feet" Wink Another, when you are part of a majority, yet neither exist really in the World of making money.

I can't even wear those small tops without bras Wink They are still too small around the chest lols.

I totally agree also with quality, one wrong move and the stitches come out, so If I wore one by chance, I'd have people in stiches if the stiches came out at the wrong place Wink

But like Jespah stated it's not just the width of your chest or height of your shoulders , or length to your waste it stems further to butts and thighs... It's about people's bodies, not putting us all into the wrong catagories.

There is one Company Jes in Aussieland that I nearly worked for part time but Real Estate took back over, I loved how they made various size jeans to suit various shaped woman nothing to do with size, quite clever and for once the staff had to actually learn all about bodies, shapes, lengths etc instead of just being a sales person. Our bodies are all beautiful in my opinion regardless of size, it would be nice if that would be recognised and help us people get dressed the way we want to compliment that beauty to instead of hunting the State/Country and Internet down Smile Maybe we can all go into business and includes socks whilst we are at it ..........................

Reply Fri 3 Aug, 2012 03:50 pm
I'm with ya, sistah!
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Reply Wed 10 Apr, 2013 10:59 am
any how my foot size is 8 ..:-D
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RexRed you are talking too much...

you have long long lines to say and i think you should try for the writing..
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 06:17 pm
Abercrombie Just Got Served: Ellen Is Like a Decency Ninja
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Reply Wed 29 May, 2013 02:59 am
This is the basic need of the customer to get generic sizing (i.e. small, medium, large, extra-large) in affordable ranges. I am manufacturer of Men's garments specially Tshirts and i made tshirts in all sizes..
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Reply Mon 5 Aug, 2013 02:21 pm
Well it has happened again, the Dollar Store has taken me for a fool...

I am putting this in size quality issues because I think it is related.

I was walking down the center isle of the store and I noticed a new product that was not yet put on the racks it was in a cart that was being unloaded to the shelves.

It was some ear-buds to for listening to audio.

I picked them out of the box to examine them. I noticed the packaging was smart white similar to the way Apple packages their ear-buds.

I read the front and it said they were for phones, laptops and mp3 players.

On the side of the box the frequency response was listed as 20hz to 20khz. I also noticed many of the new ear-bud features were included like a flat rather than round cord. Flat meaning it is tangle resistant.

I have bought many pairs of ear-buds at the dollar store only to get home and toss them into the trash because the sound quality was radically inferior.

Many of them would actually list telephone quality on the package so I would know not to purchase them. Not these ones, they have gotten bold in their deceptive packaging!

They were clearly marked 20hz to 20khz. frequency response , meaning, the full range that the ear can hear. Unless they actually meant the frequency response for a scale of measuring sound waves that is non standard I don't know.

Well this time I figured I would not wait till I got home. I carefully took them out of the package and plugged them into my mp3 player. They had the sorriest most pathetic sound quality I have ever heard in a pair of headphones. They were actually less than headphone quality. Like listening to music down a long tunnel...

And they were also made in China...

My first response is to loath the Chinese for making a fool of me.

Something inside me said, "This animosity is not right".

No, in all actuality they were probably designed and sent off to China by some cutthroat US corporation. The Chinese were only following the schematic's specifications for manufacturing this kind of tripe ordered by some US meglo-industrial ripoff firm.

I went back to the Dollar Store to exchange them for another item and the store manager said, "What do you expect for a dollar?".

I said, "I only paid 2.99 for the ones I currently use and they were made by Panasonic".

They are also one of the best ear-buds I have ever owned and I have owned quite a few over the years.

What I wanted to say was, "I expect for a dollar something that the packaging indicates it actually does". This is deceptive, false and well, an outright lie! I am really pissed off about it.

I also wanted to say to the store manager, "If it is only a dollar, then you won't mind tossing it in the trash where it belongs...".


These are what I own now.

I swear by them! Yes I paid 5 dollars shipping and handling for $2.99 ea.

They are as good if not better than thirty dollar ear-buds and my profession is music making, so I know.

You will be very pleased with these and yes, they are probably made in China also...

I ordered other things with my ear-bud order so really the ear-buds cost under four dollars total. If you listen to a lot of music order several pair. You will not be disappointed.

Some of the reviews say the Panasonic ear-buds tangle easily, this is not true. I have had thirty dollar ear-buds that had grippy rubber cords that tangled much more easily.

As for the fit, they fit my ears well and are comfortable but everyone has different ears so try em out...

And, steer clear of the Dollar Store ear-buds, all of them! If the Dollar Store made a deal with Panasonic they could not only sell high quality ear-buds but also have satisfied customers.

For now, nix on the Dollar Store ear-buds!
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Reply Mon 5 Aug, 2013 07:07 pm
I was't really angry today, just a bit miffed. I was nice to the Dollar Store manager and he was okay about the return.

I don't want people to get the impression I give people a hard time.

Why I am ranting online is, I would just like the labeling fixed on these headphones to instead read "piece of crap" which they are. Smile Audiophiles use the 20hz - 20khz frequency response as a guide to the quality of sound and these products make a mockery of industry standards.

I was just as upset when Apple would charge an outrageous price for their ear-buds and put them in a totally white box and not even list the frequency response... as if to say "trust us"... well needless to say I bought a different brand of ear-buds that day rather than Apple.

Apple wanted over fifty dollars for them... I could buy around thirty pairs of the Panasonic ear-buds at that price and the irony is that the Panasonic ear-buds are probably superior...
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Elastic top jeans
Reply Sat 10 Aug, 2013 01:21 pm
I have a random question and I am struggling to find the answer despite consulting the oracle that is google. See the lengths of material that are normally stitched to the shoulders of tops that you hook over the hook (conveniently enough) of the coat hanger to stop the top slipping off, if has a particuarly wide neck. Do they have a specific name? The lengths of material that is. I hope someone knows! Thank you. Smile
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Reply Tue 17 Dec, 2013 06:00 pm
Been bit again. The dollar store sells thermal socks, they seemed stretchie enough. Supposed to fit size 10-14! I wear size 9 1/2 to 10 shoe. Bought 6 pair. Got them home, washed them and now I can't even fit my foot in them...
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