Turtle Was the Size of a Small Car

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This is a reconstruction of Carbonemys preying upon a small crocodylomorph.
CREDIT: Artwork by Liz Bradford

A turtle the size of a small car once roamed what is now South America 60 million years ago, suggests its fossilized remains.

Discovered in a coal mine in Colombia in 2005, the turtle was given the name Carbonemys cofrinii, which means "coal turtle." It wasn't until now that the turtle was examined and described in a scientific journal; the findings are detailed online today (May 17) in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology.

The researchers say C. cofrinii belongs to a group of side-necked turtles known as pelomedusoides. The turtle's skull, roughly the size of an NFL football, was the most complete of the fossil remains.

In addition to its colossal size, the turtle would have been equipped with massive, powerful jaws, meaning it could've eaten just about anything in its range,


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I have always been a pro-Turtle person.

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@Lustig Andrei,
What kind of gas mileage did it get?
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I saw a Wide Mouth Bass eat an alligator, in 1 bite.

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Lustig Andrei
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Here in Hawaii the word for turtle is honu. The big green sea turtles are protected as endangered species under both Federal and state laws and this is taken very seriously by most Hawaiians who tend to honor the turtle as a kind of folk icon. There are folk tales about turtles saving children from drowning etc. etc. etc,
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