ROGER, is this safe for you? A DJ Kit You Can Take For A Spin On Your Bike

Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 12:13 pm
A DJ Kit You Can Take For A Spin — On Your Bike
April 11, 2012
by Bill Chappell - NPR

With sensors that translate the motions of a bike — turning the handlebars, spinning the wheels, etc. — into music, the Turntable Rider "is an epic bicycle accessory which converts a bicycle into a musical instrument," according to Cogoo, the company that created the device.

That should come as welcome news to NPR fans, many of whom can be found either pulling freestyle tricks on BMX bikes or juggling beats on a DJ kit in their spare time. And they could now have a lot more time on their hands, as those two pastimes are combined into one activity.

Here's a video demonstration (with some of the best trick riding saved for last):

As you can see, the sensors can detect when the wheels are spinning backwards — and the brake levers act as sound pads, letting the rider inject extra drums or other sounds into the mix. There's even a fader lever sitting in the center of the handlebars. The sounds can be customized for each rider's style.

Cogoo, the company responsible for injecting the peanut butter of DJing into the chocolate of bicycling, is based in Japan.

For any cyclist, whether they're DJing or not, we recommend a helmet.

A tip of the hat to William Goodman of CBS for highlighting this fun video.


Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 12:25 pm
I would never let music from whatever source interfere with the pleasure of riding.

Someday, you should ask me about pedestrians on the trails with various plugs and wires coming out of their ears. I spent about 2,500 on a hearing aid, and won't pay extra to not hear what's going on around me.

Thanks for the thought.
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 12:32 pm
Roger, what do you think about pedestrians on the trails with various plugs and wires coming out of their ears?

Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 01:25 pm
Morons, zombies, and victims of alien posession. Traditionally, the rider sings out "On your left". Mostly that's their signal to clench their jaws and keep marching down the middle of the trail. Others seem to intreprete it as meaning "Jump to your left". For those, the answer is a bell. Mostly, they move aside and smile at the cuteness of it. All the above assumes they hear something other than the voices in their heads. Sort of an artificial schezophrenia.
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 01:59 pm
I often hear the bell, but it doesn't really tell me on which side they intend to pass. Doesn't matter, though, since a shout of "On your left!" always makes me jump left lol...then a quick recovery to the right, but by then I've already gotten the dirty look Laughing
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