Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2012 09:08 am
I was listening to Newt Gingrich babble on Morning Joe. Apparently, Obama is the last hope for liberals and the Left is essentially dead. He's pretty much implying that if Obama loses in November, the Democratic Party and liberalism is dead and that's why no one on the Left is criticizing Obama. Newt, you were a piece of garbage when you were in Congress. You're never going to be President. How about you just shut up and disappear?
Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2012 10:02 am
Im afraid of the gas explosion hed propogate. Newt and KKKarl Rove are asshole buds of Steve Smith, the former Pa Skinhead who is a major mover and shaker in the "tea Party".
I think the GOP is tryig to fogure out what to do with Newt and the Teabaggers nation and their Aryan "Friends"

Im sure these connections will be brought out in the campaign(or the GOP will be busy denying the connections
Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2012 10:34 am
HA! Cool Newt was responding to the OMFG comment from Romney's campaign that said Romney's healthcare system in Massachusetts was good. This essentially means Obamacare is GOOD and everything the Republican party is campaigning on is bullshit.
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