I'm Interested In Everyone's Feedback

Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 08:07 am
Because we have such a wide range of people from different areas, age groups and preferences. You're going to be at a party, corporate event, wedding, somewhere there's a DJ. What are your Top 20 songs you dance to that would make the party for you if you hear them?
Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 08:10 am
I have honestly never thought about which specific songs I would like to hear...

but I do know that I personally do not enjoy hearing the same genre all night long if that helps any. I notice more when things change and different things are played VS the same style with nothing more.
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 08:34 am
I don't have a list of top favorite music like I do movies (which is my ultimate passion in life).

And I do have a lot of music I absolutely HATE: a lot of pop 40 R&B and contemporary teenie bop (pop) music.

I don't own or plan to buy (CD's or MP3's) disco music as its not something I would listen to on a daily basis but disco music is always some of the best music at parties.
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 12:38 pm
Motown. It's happy feel-good music:; upbeat, timeless and danceable.
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 12:50 pm
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 01:10 pm
I have danced a few times to music supplied by DJ's.

My Favorites:
"Heard It Through The Grapevine"
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

(For some reason, I once found "Bang-a-Gong" fun to dance to.)
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 01:41 pm
The first one that popped into my head was "Love Shack" so I'll use that as my bookmark while I think up some more.

Edit: The Clash's "Clampdown" and "Rock The Casbah"
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 01:50 pm
The Locomotion

Life is a highway

anything from the B-52's

Chantilly Lace

the Beach Boys will always get me onto the dance floor, but not necessarily keep me on the dance floor


Walk Like an Egyptian !
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 02:02 pm
JLo - Get on the Floor!
Moroon Five - Move like Jagger!
Rihanna, all of hers!
Lady GaGa - Telephone!

Just to name a few
Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 02:02 pm
OK, so here's a list from an unhip old dude.
You asked for it.

The numbers are just to help me count.
These are in the order I thought of them.

1 Johnny B. Goode
2 Maybelline
3 Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
4 Rock Around the Clock
5 Satisfaction
6 Footloose
7 Shout
8 I Will Survive
9 Love Shack
10 Night Fever
11 The Peppermint Twist
12 Proud Mary
13 Brown-Eyed Girl
14 La Bamba
15 The Bristol Stomp
16 Good Lovin'
17 Put Your Head on My Shoulder
18 At the Hop
19 Nights in White Satin
20 Crazy
Bonus: The Stroll (but no one knows how to do it anymore)

Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 02:31 pm
I would let somebody else pick the music, because my choices would not be well received.
Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 02:33 pm
edgarblythe wrote:
I would let somebody else pick the music, because my choices would not be well received.
I've been following you on Letty's WA2K radio thread and I beg to differ.
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 04:11 pm
Dang, no Little Richard.
Substitute Long Tall Sally or Tutti Frutti as needed.
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 05:12 pm
Ah yeah...those are great..

Yeah 3 X - Chris Brown
One Two Step - Ciara/Missy Elliot
Rock With You - Michael Jackson
Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches and Herb
Let's Groove Tonight - Earth Wind and Fire
Never Say Never - Justin Bieber (yes - it is awesome to dance to)
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus (yes - it is awesome to dance to)
Bootylicious - Destiny's Child
Celebration - Kool and the Gang
No Parking on the Dance Floor - Midnight Star
Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
Shake Your Tail Feather - Nelly
Love Shack - B-52's
Some Like It Hot - Robert Palmer
Get It On (Bang a Gong) - Power Station
Do You Love Me - The Contours
Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptations
Shout - Otis Day and the Knights
Miss You Much - Janet Jackson
Party Started - Pink
Gettin' Jiggy With It - Will Smith
MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This

Those are some of my fav's. Smile
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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 05:12 pm
Awesome dance list George. Love 'em all.
Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 08:29 pm
Thanks, mismi.
Let's shake our groove thangs!
Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2011 06:07 am
Love to dance - take every opportunity! Smile
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Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2011 07:02 am
some interesting responses. I'm asking because I'm curious as to different prefernces in different areas mostly. there are of course songs that everyone from everywhere likes but also there are regional things. for instance, here in the Southeast I get a lot of requests for beach music, which I am not a fan of, but play because it's a regional thing. I doubt that Chairman Of the Board and The Embers get a lot of play in The West and of course to a lot of people shagging is something way different than dancing. Lots of universal favorites though. I have to wear a lot of different hats depending on who I'm playing to.
Tonight for instance I'm doing a big marathon dance thing for a private middle school. Middle school is probably the most difficult group because the 6th. graders will still do the Chicken Dance, whereas the 8th. graders are much too hip for that. All the boys at that age just want to hear anything that says **** or ass or talks about sex. I tell them "I can't play that" and they ask "Why not?" and I tell them "you know why not, what are you stupid?" Generally they get that. A lot of the teachers and parents actually like me doing their dances because I have no trouble saying no to inappropriate requests in a blunt manner. Last week a kid told me "My parents let me listen to these songs" and I responded "Kid, I don't care what you listen to... you're not my kid, but I do care about getting paid so back off Slick" . In addition, standards vary so much between households that I have to deal with parents and chaperones that can't decide what's appropriate and what isn't so I have a rider in my contract that clearly states "The day of the "G" rated show is over unless you want me to shuffle between the YMCA, The Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle all night, and then no one is going to come to your dance." I do the best I can to never play anything blatantly nasty for kids, but you can't name a top 40 song that isn't at least a little suggestive. I buy these "Kidz Bop" cd's that are remakes of popular songs sung by kids with the lyrics redone so they are "G", but that's not everything. Then you have your family days where a guy comes up and says "No rap or anything, there are kids present". This is the same dickhead that 6 beers later is demanding that I play "Strokin'". I just tell them "No can do, there are kids present" Laughing

Adult parties are the most fun because I start out with Oldies, work my way through disco and 80's and then at a point when the liquor kicks in, the ladies decide they're still 22 and start asking for current dance and hip hop. Two cocktails later the men release their inner Mac Daddy and then it's on, and great fun to watch. Laughing Inside every 50+ white man is a 22 year old urban dawg just waiting for the liquor to let him out Drunk
Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2011 07:18 am
Hmm a few, dunno if they've all been mentioned yet.
Loveshack - B52s
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Dancing Queen - Abba (but it kinda depends on the audience)
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
One Love - Bob Marley
Your Song - Elton John (this was our wedding song)
Super Freak - Rick James/U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Tenderness - General Public
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Bette Midler (yes, I know how to Lindy)
My Girl - Temptations
It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls (again, this depends on the audience. I seem to be giving you a Bachelorette party playlist)
Last Friday Night - Katy Perry (it's fun, but might be a lil risqué for youth)

All I can think of for now.
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Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2011 08:16 am
First off, I don't dance, I am completely uncoordinated.

That said, I have been dragged onto a dance floor a few times. There were the weddings, of which I can't recall much about the music. Some was pop hits of the time, some was slow standards stuff. There were a few bars, can only recall one that stuck in my head and before entering a blackout completely drunk, I was dancing with Barbara (mercifully, I "awoke" hours later alone in my bed and still fully clothed). There are things from the disco era that I recall from a place down in Santa Fe.
Anywhos in order (or not order)

Climax Blues Band- Couldn't Get It Right
Rolling Stones- Harlem Shuffle
The Trammps- Disco Inferno
Malo- Suavecito
Tommy James & The Shondells- Crimson and Clover
Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein
One which still stuns me and makes my feet twitch (and this is slightly embarrassing) Kelly Marie- Feels Like I'm In Love

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