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Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2011 01:38 pm
Should the UK quit the EU, and if so - Would the EU Parliament, Commissoners and Jobsworth Euro Marxists allow and permit the UK to leave, as they see the UK as an ATM Machine to be battened onto from time to time for more Cash?
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Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2011 02:10 pm
You don't know how to write, or spell, or when to use capital letters, do you? Your language, and the tone of your post, makes you sound like a bit of a "tit", as we say in the UK, in fact, I'll go further and say you sound like a complete "knob", as we also say. But the answer to your question is "No".
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Reply Mon 30 Jul, 2012 01:48 am
Well the euro currency is a really 'sick bunny'. Even some German economists are talking about returning to the DMark in the vent of Greece being forced out of the Euro zone. The Euro was a mistake. It was created for political reasons, not good economic reasons. The only way the Euro could work is for the EU to ahve even closer politcal and economic ties. Of course this then make a mockery of what we have been told for years (lied to) - the the EU would NEVER become a 'Super State'. Oh Dear, this is just what those at the centre in Brussels and elsewhere really want to occur.

The Euro will fail eventually, and EU member states will go back to their old currencies. The EU worked well enough before the Euro was introduce, so there is NO reason why it could not work again with each member state using its own currency.

If the EU were to become a 'Superstate' in its own right, then the only way that the disparate member states could be held together, would be by a Euro Socilaistic/Marxist style Centrist government in Brussels, operating in a manner just like the old Soviet Union, with ALL the Instruments of State of oppression, prisons, secret police etc to make this work.

Well, that is what I think. Others may not agree.
Reply Mon 30 Jul, 2012 11:06 am
CostaCoffeeBob wrote:
a Euro Socilaistic/Marxist style Centrist government in Brussels, operating in a manner just like the old Soviet Union

Now that's the bit that told me you are a nutty idiot. I suspected it before, but you came right out and proved it to me. What exactly do you mean by "centrist"?
Reply Mon 24 Aug, 2015 03:32 pm
'Centrist' or diktat from the top down. EU law takes precedence over any EU states own laws. In the UK, UK law could be seen as being pushed aside by 'crap' being passed out of the EU Parliament 'bullshite' factory - The different EU states are so different, that the only way the Brussels Politburo can hold things together, and 'control matters' is by becoming 'centrist' - diktat from the centre.

With the huge influx of refugees and illegals from the Middle East and other hot, sweaty, sandy, fly blown **** holes, the EU will be in a quandary as to what to do with them. The EU will eventually fail due to the internal stresses and strain across society. The Euro currency (aka - Eurine) will also fail.

The 'Greek Problem' has not been solved, it has just been kicked in the long grass of no hope, and will continue. The EU institutions might change under pressure - however the 'Status Quo' will remain, there are far too many corrupt people and business with their hands in the EU Tax payers till.
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