I'm planning to get an new earphone with strong subwoofers.Can anyone help me?

Sat 26 Mar, 2011 09:43 am
I'm planning to get an new earphone.I prefer the ones with strong subwoofers.I used to have a Skullcandy Skullcrusher,but the bass is so loud that it had covered the singer voices.This just led to a weak performance in high pitch.
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Sat 26 Mar, 2011 11:40 am
[Edit: I'll make an assumption here that you understand my vocabulary here. However, any terms, words or expressions you need explained I'll be happy to explain if you ask me. Please don't be hesitant.]

Music, phones, and sound
Are you finding all music sounds too bass heavy or just certain songs or types of music? Recording engineers and record companies often tailor the recording of music so heavily with bass that it overpowers the balance of treble (high notes). Be aware that with some musical recordings using any of these earphones can be too bass heavy. It sometines is not the fault of the phones.

Placement in your ear
For 1.5 yrs, I've been using Skullcandy earphones but I find that if I alter the placement of the phones in my ear canal - close (or deep) but not too close but not resting outside of the canal, I find them to have a balanced response. Though I hate to do it this way, I hold the phones at the correct ear canal depth and it works out just right.

Enhanced Bass in small earphones
Now, I'm not sure what exactly you mean by subwoofers in earphones because you can't really have a true subwoofer in a tiny phone; however, because of advancements new earphones, they have deeper bass response as they're using new materials and 'miracle' magnets. But many times this type of earphone can produce muddiness and over-compensation in bass areas at the cost of clarity and detail in the high notes. That'd be counter-productive for your needs.

Weak Amp
There is also the possibility of effects contributed by an underpowered amplifier or player/receiver itself. For example, I use a Motorola Android, which produces lots of clean bass without muddying or losing the detail of the high notes. Not all amps are good matches for all tiny earbud type earphones.

So, you might be trying to match up an earphone that is putting a strain (power hungry) on your (weaker)amplifier or receiver (smartphone or player).
Tue 29 Mar, 2011 11:39 pm
Just as you said,I didn't quiet understand what you said.Besides,English is not my mother tone.But I can get hold of what you meant with a dictionary on my hand.But thank you so much for helping.
I'm really sorry to say,we are not talkin about the same thing.My earphone is actually a big circle around my head,which will by no means be put into my ear canal...
My earphone got a massive bass amplified subwoofer,which is drived by an external battery.Whenever bass appears in the music,it just became really loud and it viberated intensely.(Apperently it was designed like this).And it just took a toll on the performance in high notes.For example,Gaga's voice is weak and not very clear when Telephone is played.
As your suggestion,I've tried several players,and it do works.But I was still not so satisfied,because the high notes remained weak though the beats were no longer strong.
Wed 30 Mar, 2011 12:41 am
Welcome to Able2Know. You're quite welcome. Feel free to ask me about the words you don't understand. I'll try to not use slang or language not for International language audience.

OK. I believe I understand the confusion. You're talking about a different style of headphone. You are talking about a larger pair of headphones (not an small earphone) or earbud style that's worn over the entire ear which has a band that goes over the top of your head.

In USA, Skullcandy Skullcrusher is headphone set priced around $70-$80 (USD).

Firstly, my question is this: does this problem occur only when Lady Gaga's song "Telephone" that you notice the problem? Or does all music with music that has lots of bass notes sound this way?

Secondly, I need to ask you if your old Skullcandy headphones all of a sudden start sounding bad (as compared to when new)? If the bad sound has started happening more recently, that could mean a few problems might have occured: the battery could have weakened or the speaker itself might have gone bad.

I think a possibility of what might've happened is all that bass vibration overpowered the rest of the headphone's pieces (tweeter and voice coil) and weakened them.

This is that Lady Gaga 'Telephone' song:

This song has a section in it that has a lot of bass notes as well as some buzzy noises in parts of the music that really tests out a lot of speakers.

What needs to be understood is how do other musical songs sound? If the old Skullphone headphones also don't sound good with other music, then you might need new headphones.

The nature of musical notes reproduced in headphone speakers is a carefullyy done balancing act. Subowoofer powered bass is a rough test for regular speakers not just for headphones.

One other possibility is that you need to re-balance the power to the subwoofer so it's not so powerful. and takes over the music. Try to turn down the power to the subwoofer (if you can) whenever there's so much bass content in the music.

Lastly, there's a piece in the amp subwoofer called a cross-over. When the cross-over doesn't roll off the middle and high-note frequencies properly, it could be robbing the rest of the music and making it suffer. If there is another separate amplifer for the rest of the frequencies, then the subwoofer's amp could be competing for power. However if it's not a separate amp, then the crossover has to balanced or equalized. (Sorry if this language is too technical.)

For whatever it's worth, my preference is AKG brand of headphones.
Wed 30 Mar, 2011 02:13 am
Great information. I'll try to remember the AKG brand when I scrape up some extra cash.
Wed 30 Mar, 2011 02:21 am
Sennheiser are great headphones, as well. Both of these are available world-wide.

I own a pair of AKG K240 headphones. They sell anywhere from $75-$100 (USD) depending on where you purchase. They cover decent bass freqs to high freqs simultaneously without distortion and sacrificing treble range of notes for pushing the bass notes out.

I will say in all honesty I'm more of an accuracy (fidelity) freak, but after 35 years messing around with stereo-equipment, I know a little sumpin-sumpin about amps, subwoofers, headphones and sound reproduction.
Wed 30 Mar, 2011 02:23 am
Okay. Sennheiser sounds familiar. Anyway, I've got the thread tagged.
Wed 30 Mar, 2011 02:29 am

Bose and Sony makes decent headphones; however AKG and Sennheiser are the top 2 reasonably priced headphone mfrs as they specialize and their reputation relies on this market. AKG and Sennhesier make sweet microphones, too. Just ask the pros and look in recording studios.
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Fri 10 May, 2013 02:56 am
Thank you for your message very look forward to your update again
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Tue 3 Sep, 2013 03:20 am
Go for sony headphones, it sounds good and also u can buy it in a reasonable price.
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