Myth Busters... Food and Digestion...

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1. Drinking plenty of water improves digestion / reduces weight…
http://www.womenfitness.net/forgettold.htm (Fact 9)

2. You must pass stools once a day…
http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/29/11-health-myths-that-may-surprise-you/ (Fact 9)

3. Eating most of your calories in the evening promotes weight gain.

4. Warm water after meals helps digestion / Cold water after meals causes cancerous fats absorption…

5. More calcium (in Yoghurts, milk, egg etc.) increases weight (thru bones)...

6. Processed foods are not as nutritious as fresh foods.

7. Juices should be taken before the meal as they would strain the digestion after meal ….

In fact its almost the other way.


8. Fish and milk based products don’t go together...

Only if you are allergic or one of the two products is expired…

But not true otherwise coz one of the most favourite sandwiches in the world are tuna mixed with mayonnaise n cream… Or special fish cream pasta as one of the Italian delicacies. Another Finnish recipe has fish cooked in milk…

Yoghurt Fish
Fish___ 1 kg
Green chili___ 3 nos
Ghee___ 250 grams
Yoghurt___ 125 grams
Ginger___ 25 grams
Salt, pepper___ as required

First of all clean the fish and cut it into small pieces and boil into water.
When it is tender remove water.

And chop ginger in the ghee on a very low flame
and fry it by adding grind spices in yoghurt.

Then let it burn slightly until ghee appears on the spices. Place boiled fish on the deep surface plates and pour this curry
on it.

Then serve with lemon and coriander, also serve salad and tomato.
9. Nuts contain cholesterol.

10. Jaggery / Brown Sugar / Honey are always better than White Sugar…

Marginally! In fact for most of us the difference is negligible. This debate is similar to whether organic food is better than methodically cultivated food (using fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified)? There is no clear evidence of benefits of the former over the later.

And for honey, spoon to spoon comparisons reveal that honey has more calories than sugar!


11. Cholesterol Free means heart Healthy

No quiet! Having a good cholesterol in the foods can be beneficial to the heart. It’s the saturated fats that we should be worrying about. Anything that contains saturated fats is to be used to its minimal amount. Anything rich in unsaturated fats promotes good cholesterol and is heart healthy.


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Activity helps with digestion.
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