An animal that can photosynthesize!

Reply Tue 17 Aug, 2010 02:36 pm
Thanks, Thomas. I never really did the math, I was always more familiar with BTUs.

It just kind of threw me 'cause I was recently reading about a 1980s something walk to the South Pole and what they needed to consume daily. They were up around 10,000 calories, which really means they consumed,

10,000 x 1000 = 10 million calories per day

Have I got that right? Confused
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Reply Mon 21 Feb, 2011 08:09 am
Human Photosythisis, YAY, I've been thinking about this one for a very long, unfortuanately only the ethics don't know enough to try the engineering side of things.
To me at least Photosythisis provides much more then just a possible solution to wold hunger isues, it deals with a whole range of issues. For one thing, photosythisising would allow us to stray from our current energy sourse which I'm not very fond of, it's probably just tree hugging little ol' me, but I don't like having to devour so many lives just to sustian my own, I know its evolution and all, but then you documentries which amazing stories and techniques of even the most simplist cretures, and it buggs me to know that all my life I'll be cutting these stories short just keep up my own...... you might not agree but as Tomas said "evolution is magical" and its got to the point where we are destroying entire species, all that adapting and eventiveness, all there diffrent techniques and lives gone because we thaught they tasted yummy. Anyway I'm no good at explaining that side so I'll move on....
After all if you think about it what does photothisis use aside from sunlight, CO2 and further more it produces oxagen, I know we'd still use O2 and produce CO2 for our mussles and stuff, and I know most CO2 immisions come from energy transport and livestock (hmm not eaty no live stock cool....) but it would be a step in the right direction right?
Then as already mentioned there's world hunger, we'd have to watch population growth otherwise we might star starving from lack neutrances and so on already mentioned. But if we keep from growing too much we could all be self suficiant with a Dairy cow (Sorry vegans!), and a few fruit trees and/or a few vegtable plants. Like Tomas said it wouldn't take too much......

there are other reasons but this is already getting a bit long winded SORRY, but I thought I should mention, it might not be a walk in the park getting photosinisis even if there was a genic posibilty avaialble. The big one would be getting peole to let scientists minipulate their genes but there are other a tad wierd outcomes as well, I'm no economicist so I really don't have aclue about this, but if you took away our need to buy food, what would happen to jobs and the economy, We'd still need to buy water, nuitrances (and humans can't seem to live without theire gadgets and houses) but food is really one of the main nees for a job, would the pricwe of other things just go up? would the value of money just go down and everything would right itself, and if so what if one country esepted the gene minipulation and one didn't, would one become poorer or richer than the other and so on........

Anyway for me the really cool thing is still that we could live along side the rest of the world and watch other creatures and plants adapt grow play, play out their stories and we wouldn't have to take anything but sunlight for it..... well almost....

Very much the Crazy one
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Reply Mon 21 Feb, 2011 02:10 pm
Great. Solar powered lizzards. Just great.
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