Ants Speak ! Another New Quranic Scientific Miracle

Tue 3 Apr, 2018 08:29 pm
We are Muslims we don't deny a single letter in the Quran, if we did then we fall into your boat of disbelief, in the second chapter, second verse of the Quran it says "this is a Book that has no doubt concerning it..." So we do not doubt in Almighty Allah's Words.

That isn't too good for non-Muslims is it? You hold up Muhammad as a role model. Correct? You must know he said to kill unbelievers, and that their disbelief was a good enough reason for it. That is Fitnah. Eternal war until Sharia rules the world.

If I got something wrong, we can talk.

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Mon 28 May, 2018 03:08 pm

The Quraan did not specify that the ants communicated in ways that require microphone and audio analysing equipment to understand.

I would avoid forcing conformity with the latest scientific advances onto the Quraan, because scientific advances come and go, they may fall out of favour, they may be improved upon, they may be wrong, they may be right.
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