Reply Sun 20 Jun, 2010 07:16 pm
Hi folks, one of my verses I told someone here I'd dig out in relation to a subject we were discussing. Can't remember who or what though. So to whomever regarding whatever.

And They Shall Follow Suit.

In history, the mystery
Has conquered and controlled
Every living person
And every fallen soul.

Tell them there's a monster
In a sacred scottish loch
And on they'll press, to Inverness
To take a closer look.

To save on paying soldier boys
To stand and watch the skies
Tell them, be there ufo's
And up, will go their eyes.

Tell them they may speak once more
With loved-ones, long since dead
And they will pay to hear you say
What just, they wanted said.

Tell them there's a yeti
Leaving footprints in the snow
And off they'll set to vet Tibet
With cameras in-tow.

Indoctrinate a prophecy
Instill the 'Son of man'
And they will self-fulfil it
Any way they can.

As long as doubt is in them
Shall the Piper play His flute
He only needs to play their tune
And they shall follow suit.

That's it. Have a magnificent day folks.
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Reply Mon 21 Jun, 2010 06:19 am
@mark noble,
mark, that is a fantastic poem that looks at the people who WANT to believe in that which is not. Ah, Wales, you have said it so well. I remember reading Chariots of the Gods and decided that it was fun to encompass those ideas.

Thank you for the poetry. There is a dearth of it here on A2K. tsarstefan re charged the battery, so we can also thank him.

Unfortunately, there are those who wait for me to thumb up something so that they can thumb it down.
mark noble
Reply Mon 21 Jun, 2010 08:45 am
Hi Letty,
Thank you for your kind comments. I wrote this for a lady I work with who lost her son a while back and was seeking out (charlatans) for possible otherly contact with. I hid the relevant paragraph within the additional verse so as not to overly confront the issue (she being traumatically withdrawn). She doesn't talk of mediums and fortune-tellers any more. Who IMO - make a living out of preying on the vulnerable.
Thank you again Letty, and have a lovely day.
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Reply Mon 21 Jun, 2010 01:41 pm
Love the poem Mark.

I've been thinking a bit about this subject recently. I realise that fear is the root cause of a lot of the world's problems. Fear of being alon, powerless, know.

Brilliant, as ever, my friend.

mark noble
Reply Mon 21 Jun, 2010 03:37 pm
Hi Mike,
Thank you for your kindness, my friend.
Fear is the key to everything, fear of life, death, loss, failure, pain, rebuke, etc.
It is also what makes us stronger and more understanding.
The only thing one need truly fear is oneself.
Have a brilliant everything Mike.
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Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 12:59 pm
Letty wrote:
Thank you for the poetry. There is a dearth of it here on A2K. Unfortunately, there are those who wait for me to thumb up something so that they can thumb it down.

You've said that before Letty, and perhaps one of the reasons is that newcomers rarely get any response, up or down. Case in point: you encouraged others to respond to your poem about the despis-ed rose, so I followed suit with one of mine. It's only been there a day or so, but after 40 views it still has no replies, up or down. My poem is so bad nobody wants to say anything? The only poets who reply to posts in this forum are out of town this week? The forum is stale and ingrown because there's an insider group that is tough to join?

I don't know, and perhaps I'll be seen as not such a nice fellow for trying to guess, but I've seen dozens of forums fail or limp along like an old soldier when people who do post don't feel welcome. Except for workshops, where I post to receive feedback, I post to share my poetry, and by doing so to participate in a sense of community like that which you and Mark and a few others seem to be enjoying. That doesn't happen overnight, of course, but your comment about a dearth of poetry, and my experience with my first poem in this forum both suggest one reason why others have stopped posting, or moved on.

And I can't resist suggesting that you start calling 'em like you see 'em, up or down, and let the attitude of those who wait take them down, not you or the forum.

mark noble
Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 02:49 pm
Hi Bill,
Nice knowing you, sir.
The "insider group" you mention need their little collective in order to breathe. It's just that they can't smell the rotting aroma in their own mouths. They've established their nest and woe to those outsiders that dare intrude.

Ultimately, they are as pathetic to us as are we to them.

Are you an ex-phili Bill?

Kind regards.
Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 03:51 pm
@mark noble,
Thanks mark!

Somehow you made them sound cute, sweet, sad, and beautiful to me. I'm thinking you didn't exactly mean to though?

"And they will self-fulfil it... anyway they can."

I had this image once of a kind of parallel world... everything is blue there, and everyone that's here... is there as a child... running around playing.
mark noble
Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 04:26 pm
Hi Arjuna,
Thank you for calling by.
Always nice to hear (read) from you.

Best wishes to you.
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Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2010 11:06 am
@mark noble,

If you mean the philosophy forum, yes, but it was not voluntary. One day I went upstairs to check my email and discovered I had been moved to a2k.

Reading your post makes this forum sound like a disfunctional, them-vs-us family, and that is pathetic. Thank you for replying to my reply to Letty, but I still have no reply to my poem from you, her or anybody else, insider or outsider, and that makes me an outsider. From both groups. Doesn't give me a bad taste in my mouth, but does make it drop at the corners Sad

It also makes my feet itchy to become an ex-a2ker, but this time voluntarily. Probably don't belong here anyway, me or my poetry. Do you know if it's possible to remove posts? Thanks for any help you can offer in that area,

mark noble
Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2010 11:53 am
Hi Bill,
None of us are too keen on the situation. I can't find your poem - Can you direct me to it, please?

Best wishes to you Bill.
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Reply Fri 16 Dec, 2016 11:03 pm
@mark noble,
Awesome poem, Mark.
mark noble
Reply Mon 19 Dec, 2016 07:58 am
Cheers Tom.
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mark noble
Reply Tue 22 May, 2018 09:09 am
I found your poem, Bill.
Are you still here?
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