Plan To Lick Antifreeze Poisonings

Reply Tue 6 Jan, 2004 08:10 pm
Albuquerque Antifreeze To Taste Bitter
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Albuquerque Antifreeze To Taste Bitter
By Jim Ludwick
Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer

City councilors Monday unanimously approved a measure designed to prevent animals and children from being poisoned by antifreeze. The proposal, sponsored by Councilor Sally Mayer, requires a bittering agent in antifreeze that's sold in Albuquerque, so the antifreeze will taste bad and won't be lapped up by pets. It would affect sales of antifreeze after March 1. There would be an exemption until Jan. 1, 2005, for antifreeze that's already in the possession of retailers and auto-repair businesses.

Mayor Martin Chávez had called for the restriction and spoke in favor of the proposal Monday while talking with reporters. He said antifreeze poisoning is "a real threat." Mayer said it's an important restriction that should be adopted statewide.

"I think the state is going to look at doing this," she said.

Antifreeze poisoning "is a horrific death. There is not much you can do if an animal drinks it," she said. "This is a poison that is readily available. I believe we have to protect everyone from it." The measure was described as the first municipal ordinance in the United States to create the restriction, although similar measures have been approved as state law.

Albuquerque city councilors have called on the Legislature to create a restriction throughout New Mexico.
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Reply Tue 6 Jan, 2004 11:59 pm
Good. I do wish they could have gone for propylene glycol, but no way a single city would have the kind of clout needed for that big a change.
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Reply Wed 7 Jan, 2004 12:02 am
Roger, I agree with you and am disappointed the City didn't take the logical step. But, we planted the info seed for future action (the Mayor was not aware of an alternative until our e-mails were sent.)

I intend to raise the issue with Governor Richardson, who will have more clout over the entire state.

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Reply Wed 7 Jan, 2004 04:08 am
bBB and Roger. I recently had a talk with a regional VP from Sears. They would love to only sell propylene glycol but there are so many products that the mafr provides that the mfr almost dictates the terms. in other words, the local govt can dictate the health and safety by ordinance but they cannot say HOW this is to be accomplished. Ive talked to our Ag dept service group about farm use of antifreeze and they gave me some fiigures that its actually cheaper to make propylene glycol
Im wondering whether the manufacturing process dictates the availability of ethylene glycol. In other words, it may be so overwhelmingly available as a feedstock byproduct of cracking that they just divert it into a glycol process.
Ive seen the Wal Marts, Sears, lowes, Home Depots etc. They all offer Sierra or some other propylene glycol based antifreeze , and its at the same price or, even cheaper. BUT, There are Huuuge amounts of ethylene glycol.
My RV maintenace center doesnt wanna be bothered with selling antifreeze as a side business. Thyre too busy making big bucks from all the rVs out there. So , although Im chagrined, i guess thats the way things operate in the good ole uS of A
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Reply Wed 7 Jan, 2004 09:15 am
My owners manual says that anything other than the Ford variety of yellow antifreeze voids a part of the warranty, too, but that sounds like detail work.

Follow up with Richardson, BBB. If he can do something, I might end up liking, or at least accepting him.
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