Interview with sometime sun

Reply Wed 28 Apr, 2010 11:31 pm
Welcome everyone to another member interview on philosophyforum.com! Member's interviews provide the opportunity for members to get to know other members a little bit better by answering a small number of questions and saying a little something about themselves.

Today's interviewee is ____sometime sun_____ , who has been a member on the forum since ______27-09-2009
(the first night a new star was born and lit someones darkness)
_____ .

So what about you? Most of the forum knows you through the profile at the top of every post you make. Tell us about your profile.

Q1: So tell us a little about your name, why you chose it, what it means, etc.
sometime sun was a given name, it was there the night i started this journey, just there, i had no idea at the time how much it would come to mean and still grows in meaning and gravity to this day for me.
One day i may no longer need the sometime, but then i would have to give up the night so will remain sometime until the day i live by the light of the sun exclusively.
Which is not really possible.
The sun gives life to all it shines on, i am the bearer of light and life.
All goes forth from the sun, all will be returned to it one day.
sometime sun because sometime I will be more than fire sunshine and life.
Fed up of always being night i created some light to live learn and love by.
Now all i must do is birth planets and beings and creatures and ideas.
to inhabit my solar system.
We are all made of stars and sometime all stars will go out.
(really I could go on like this all night, the sun is smiling)
sometime sun

Q2: Tell us a little about your avatar. Does it mean anything special to you?
It is a light show, there for but a fraction of a second, to dazzle and fire the senses, only the lens saved it from going un-noticed and un-appreciated.
A lost reality saved only because of art.
It blinds you at first but then given the chance of development and with some care it comes to be a beautiful art, beautiful expression.
Something so fleeting was saved and treasured.
And of course one day all the lights will go out.
Got to shine bright at least once in your life before it is all gone.

Q3: Explain to us the significance of your user title (if you have one) and/or signature. Where does it come from? What can this small tidbit of info tell us about you?
I am a senior member, this works for me. To be senior at anything at least shows some modicum of experience and participation.
Shows i have earned a grade i did not give myself.
I cant wait until i get to go back to school, God and the world and me willing.
I have never felt connected contented enough to have something sign my creations automatically as if i am not even there, it might not have anything to do with the integrity of what i was trying to expound, perhaps just a sometime sun would suffice? But then sometimes i like to sign my own name when i find the creation has more depth or personal connection to me or trying to reach you.

Q4: What made you join the forum?
The lights came on

Q5: Can you tell us anything more about your stats, like the volume of posts, your thanks/thanked ratio, and your rep power?
I was really proud to reach 1000 posts, really did not think i would make it this far, for some unknown reason my thank/thanked ratio has always been rarely more than 20 apart, i find this curious, all i can think it means is that as many gifts i receive i am giving.
I am curious about rep power.
Does rep mean representative?
The more you have the more you are the forums heralds?
These are the people or participation one must aspire towards?
What are the green bars for?
I would like a higher score.
It is good to have goals.
But dont like the thought of required responsibility, wait a minute, yes i do. More and more these days.
Got any jobs going?
Clean your gutters guvna?

Tell us a little bit more about you in general.

Q6: If you could describe yourself in one short sentence, what would it be and why?
Desperately seeking something? No.
I am not a can of soup? No
Available to the future? No but your getting there.
Puppet of God? No and stop it, get to the curx.
One day i will prove i have worth? Yes that'll do.
I am in the position where my life has been such a waste, where i have no more excuses to be lazy or idle left.
I have run out of chances. Or they run form me.
Not a second to spare now i can tell the time again.
You cant change the past but you can change the future.
Scratch all that,
I will and can be better and i will with your allowance prove it.
I will not fail you, myself or God.
I am NOT worthless.
God struck but not worthless.
That was about 20 wher eyou asked for one, but hey, you cant always condence people or hamsters

Q7: Do you have any other interests other than philosophy (i.e. hobbies, work, etc.)?
Eventually getting my psychologist accreditation? Eventually, no rush with this, dont want to blow it this time. Get back to school soon.
I want to say art, animation, music, poetry, gardening, cinema, antiquities (museums), mythology, Yoga, cooking, nature (camp fires), gym, herbalism ETC but this is just other terms for philosophy, philosophy of life, life of philosophy, beauty and harshness of thought, beauty and harshness of expression, beauty and harshness of experience.
I had a real hard time answering this question, and all i can see from my reply is that i need to find some specialities quick smart.
I find it hard put to stay still and concentrated on one subject for long.
Broad strokes.
Check out the 'Art, Food and Bulbs' group and now 'Spoken Word' group, this might show you some of my interests.
I will probably be getting into astronomy soon, already know a bit about astrology (i know what a shock).
I do love American History as well, starting with the Natives history and mythology up until about 1970 is where i lose interest.
Oh and i will be riding horses soon as well, have been waiting far to long to get this started.
I bet you can tell by the state of this answer my house could do with a bit of organising.
I do try to hoover once a week though.

Q8: Do those interests coincide with your affinity for philosophy?

yes as i said, nearly all of it. All but the mundane and even a little of mundane is philosophy as well.

Q9: Can you tell us anything more about yourself?
I dont understand this question, so will interpret it as; can i tell you anything about myself that you dont already know?'
Probably very little.
I have 5 novels on the go and they just keep getting longer and bigger, one i am trying to do is from a muti-spectural-temporal time frame, the narator is telling the story from the three times, past present and future all at once.
I have never met God but have a plan to.
I have an idea for a novela i wish and hope to experience and write this summer.
No pressure.
Which i may or may not post here?
All depends if i survive it or not?
I know i am a special case of nuts but dont know always how to prove my possibility and probably shouldn't expect to be believed even if i could and should have more faith in myself.
Could end up proving the curse over the blessing.
Could even end up disproving God, who knows?
Got to prove and believe in something in life may as well give yourself a try, after God that is.
My dad is a hero of mine.
I am descended from royalty. Our castle is still just about standing.
I know, it must have be all the inbreeding.
We didn't shag our cousins we shagged sheep.
I am like marmite you love me or hate me and you could spread me on a cracker.

Tell us about philosophy forum and you.

Q10: What are your favorite areas of the forum? If you have more than one, give us your top five.
I am king of all that is general.
Want to get into the blog area more but i am saving this for my own site which i should have up and running in the new year.
With all the correct blessings and permits and walls in place.
Creative writting, but again hold-back from this.
I know, whos she kidding?
God only knows what i am saving myself for.
Art, Food and Bulbs.
I love Thus spoke Zarathustra group but have wained on this recently. I wont say N tires me but i do sleep alot afterwards.
Meeting people here is the best thing about it.
So i would say the best part of this forum is its parishioners and ministers.
I love you all.

Q11: Do you blog? What are some of the topics you discuss?
Yes, my dreams mostly

Q12: If you could describe philosophyforum.com in one word, what would that word be?

Q13: How would you describe your posts and the style/structure you use?
With a heart attached.
Hopefuly beautiful somewhere along my/your way.
Dont worry it and i wont last forever.
Hopefuly not in anyones way.
But hopefuly showing new pathways.
Strangely mind mapping.
Show my workings.
Taste of the rhetoric.
Theoretical of course.

Q14: What would you do to make philosophy forum a better/more interesting place?
Chess programe please,
Shakespear Group (which if i do take my advice and become more invested here i will try to actualise)
Gita Group (dito, been meaning to do this since dot)
Have a teaching or mentor programe.
Courses, courses, courses, classes, classes, classes. Accademic credits.
More availablity or connection to schools.
Make new members more welcome.
A bit more encouragement all round.
Where is the love?

Tell us a little about your perspective of philosophy in general.

Q15: What first got you interested in philosophy?
God knows, would ask, what first got philosophy interested in me?

Q16: Explain how philosophy is important to you.
Life would be empty without it.
Life would be meaningless without the mind and soul that looks for meaning.
Life would be lawless.
The very notion of pain would not exist.
And sure there are other kinds and types of ether pain philosophy afflicts but there is also in philosophy a remedy for all afflictions,
Life would be animalistic and nothing else.
The weak and vulnerable would all be dead very swiftly without philosophy.
We cannot survive without a purpose and self worth in life, philosophy gives us these things, and we certainly cant thrive without it.
We all need to work on in life and in on our sleves.
It gives me an actual cure to a rather messed up and misserable mind body and soul.
There would be no God if we could not theorise.
Philosophy proves God is in the Everyman.
Means that Humanity has a chance to become more than a species. More than mere breed.
Rivers of thought and expression instead of the rivers of blood.
Philosophy is what makes builds a soul.
All architects all masons all slave labour.
Which is why we ALL in some personal way live by philosophy or die horribly.
Philosophy saves lives.
Philosophy saves the soul.
The soul in no small part is philosophy,
which is why we all in some way or another philosophize.
We may not all be philosophers but we are all philosophy, we all have a soul.
Philosophy can and will solve us all.
Right before bedtime as well.

Q17: What keeps you interested in philosophy?
Again what keeps philosophy interested in me? At least then i can find myself at least a little interesting and worth investigation instead of just giving up on myself.
Philosophy is psychology of the soul.
I would die without my soul.
Terrified of being worthless.
But not affraid of nothingness at all.
And not just because i am held and hold God

Q18: If you could define you own particular philosophy in one short sentence, what would it be?
Resurrection is in the asking,
Salvation is in the answering.

Which means i accept i may never be saved but can live on and exist by being resurrected.
Need not happen just the once.
If you cant believe in rebirth you may as well worship death.

Q19: What do you think the benefits of philosophy are?
The benefit is Humanity plain and simple, The very first person to coin the meaning human being was the very first philosopher.
Inventing most fears but will show you how to conquer them.

Q20: What do you think the drawbacks to philosophy are?
You may be to busy being resurrected to be saved.
Inventing most fears but will show you how to conquer them.

Q21: What is your favorite subject in philosophy (i.e. ethics, logic, etc.)?
ART, Religion, Existentialism, Mystisism, but to be honest i dont think i can be certain because i dont know the full picture or price yet, yet, the deeper i go the more new subjects grab my attention.
I would hate to think it was over.
But as i said it cant be over until completion, we are only ever complete once in our life and that is when it is O.V.E.R.

Q22: What is your least favorite subject in philosophy?
have not got one, but the ones i spend the least amount of time with is, scratch that, Philosophy is the diagram of the soul of society and life, i spend every day even just for the briefest of moments in every field, subject, school, incarnation.
We may not even know where or what we have been, but i believe this is true.
Ah now whether we like these thoughts and arenas is another thing, but all absolutely essentail to the human being and human race.
Everything has a reason.
Would not do away with any of them

Q23: Who is your favorite philosopher and why?
Boethius or myself, Boethius showed me i was not alone and just because you cant do something well does 'nt mean you cant still try to be beautiful. I take three books with me on any journey i think might take the rest of my life.
The Consolation of Philosophy is one of the three.
And myself because i am that which experiences and creates and dreams philosophy,
Put it this way i have more fun and fulfillment writting reading and correcting my own than reading someone elses.
I think i am not half bad.
There is more good in me.
I cant wait to prove it.
Watch this space.

Q24: Who is your least favorite philosopher and why?
dont have one, but i suppose to be fair i must also say that i am also my least favourite because i am the one who is wrong, no one to blame and be embarrassed by but myself, and i am the only person who has ever embarrassed myself.

Lightning Round!!! Answer either or!

Q25: Global warming or Global fooling?
Bit of both, but i say fool away, it is wrong what we put this world through, it is our home, it makes me very sad and a alot disgusted.

Q26: Conservative or liberal?
Conservative more so because my life and my sensibilities affords me such little liberalism, maybe it is the other way round these days, who bloody knows

Q27: Formal or informal?
Formaly dressed in the morning by bedtime informaly messed

Q28: Smart or ignorant?
Neither, both, not a question you have any objectivity over, only other can answer it for you.

Q29: Mac or PC?
i really dont care as long as it gets me to where i'm going. My first computer was called Talula, my current one i wont tell you the name of

Q30: Awesome or Phenomenal?
Only God is awesome, so until i am God i will settle for Phenomenal

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mister kitten
Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 02:52 pm
@sometime sun,
Your answers are stories of seeds. Thank you.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 03:16 pm
@mister kitten,
I cant believe that i forgot to mention Clive Staples Lewis as one of my favourite philosophers.
Lay theologian is a kind of philosopher right?
0 Replies
mister kitten
Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 04:27 pm
@sometime sun,
Thomas Aquinas was; sure.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 04:56 pm
@mister kitten,
mister kitten;159410 wrote:
Thomas Aquinas was; sure.

So am i to be serious.
I am a Theo something or a something Theo,
i am at present trying to put togetther my own branch and field of philosophy.
All i have come with to call my 'style, content, indent, intent' of philosophy is either, "impressionist theoretical philosophy" branch or "theoretical surrealist philosophy" branch, or "theoretical expressionism philosophy" branch, this is one of the threads and probably a book at some point, that i am taking my sweet time with trying to construct.
I want to give a detailed outline of all the factors and degrees and ideals and contents and usages and effects and outcomes, hypothesis and conclusions.
A proper thesis is probably required.
Why cant i be the 'inventor' or 'discoverer' of a new field of philosophy?
I want to put this forward and own as something.
It is one of those threads or books i know i am going to be working on for the next few years.
If i want to get it right that is.
What sort of philosopher would you describe Boethius as?
What is his style and breed of philosophy?
Because he is going to be a compatriot in my goal and field as well as Aquinas i think as well as St John of the Cross.
Perhaps it will get me my saint-hood?
And although maybe not the founder of this 'new' philosophy field arena, boethius and the others (still more to come) will be part of the reference and history.
Perhaps someone could school me how to put together a compotent thesis?
0 Replies
mister kitten
Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 07:35 pm
@sometime sun,
I must agree with your answer to question thirty. God=sum of all awe
sometime sun
Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 07:38 pm
@mister kitten,
mister kitten;166698 wrote:
I must agree with your answer to question thirty. God=sum of all awe

Sum of all=God awe
God of awe=all Sum
Awe of God=all Sum
All of awe=God Sum
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