Heres What i believe,This is who I am.

Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 04:54 am
Heres what i believe,Heres why Im an Athiest and a proud one.
My Room mate the other day was saying that athiesm is stupid because you cant prove theres a god or not and for me its not about Proving if theres a God or If there isnt one.
For Me Its Viewing things That i personally find to be Wrong with various religions and saying im not going to be like that,Allow me to explain....

If i **** up,I make a big mistake Then i know That I have to deal with And ask forgiveness of Myself And/Or The Person i hurt,NOT Some Guy in a box Who i dont even know and i cant see his face.I dont really care if that random stranger forgives me or not,and saying all the hail marys in the world wont make it right either.

And if I want To Give away my money,I'll Give it To Maybe a Starving child,Or donate It To The Humane society or To a Person or orginization where i know it will actually Help....Not put it in a basket To Who knows where.

And i know the difference between right and Wrong All on my own,Without The Threat Of hell or Eternal damnation In the Afterlife (If there is one?)I Dont Need some Ancient Stone tablets to Tell me not to steal Or Kill Or Whatever Else.

I wont Worship Anyone Or Anything,Especially not some guy in a funny hat who probally just got done molesting a little boy in the back room.

I wont waste my sunday mornings sitting there singing songs Or bowing my head "wishing" good things will happen but instead I'll Work at a homeless shelter Or Vollentier My time where it makes a Real difference,
and if I want things to happen i'll put in the effort and MAKE them happen because i Know That Praying For them To turn out just fine Never really works.

but i will Respect the belief's of others Not matter How Personally obsurd i find them to be,because if you believe in talking snakes Or Allah Or Maybe even You believe That xenu Put the bad Thetans in all of us (props if u know what im talking about there)

And I'll Respect Men to Love other men and Women who Love other women,because its not any of my goddam buisness what other people do.
I wont Hold Protests At War vetrens Funerals Saying God Hates Fags,

I'll Respect Women's Rights to abortion,because its their bodys and their decision,I wont blowup abortion clinics or Murder the doctors In the Name Of Jesus Just because their trying to Help These women.

I wont be declaring any holy wars Or blowing up Soldiers with car bombs because they Dont believe What i do.

I Wont Shove My belief's down Other People's throats Or Go Knocking Door To Door Letting Them Know About My Religion With Pamphlets and Whatnot.

and i'll be objective when raising my children (someday!) And Not Shove These belief's down their Thoats,I'll be objective and allow Them To Come to their own beliefs And Respect those belief's no matter what they may be.

Because Yes,Athiests dont believe in god,Any god...but furthermore we see the problems the have risen with religion and choose to go in the Different path.Thank you for reading.

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Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 05:13 am
Most likely, you are an agnostic (god is unknown and unknowable), not an atheist.

In any case, I hope you respect others' beliefs and let them have their day.
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