The first weekend is over, what's your take thus far?

Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2009 10:58 pm
So far, so good for me. I'm still getting used to it and don't really know how to get the most out of the Droid experience just yet, but the more I learn, the more I love it. Here's my take on things so far:

-It's even larger and heavier than I imagined, but that's not really an issue, just an observation. That makes it a lil awkward on your hip, but no biggie.

-The keyboard isn't as bad as reports have lead us to believe (at least for me). Coming off the all-touch Dare, I figured I'd just as easily use the on-screen keyboard, but I'm actually preferring the slider.

-The camera is also better than reports have given it credit for. Camera phones to digital cameras are apples to oranges, but as far as camera phones go, this is top notch.

-What isn't as good as advertised is the battery life. Granted, I don't like putting it down and I'm sure there's some tweaks that'll help conserve it, but it looks like I'll never be too far from a charger.

These are just the first things that come to mind. What's every one else got to say?
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Droid Motorola
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 02:07 am
Lets see....

I admit as well the keyboard is not that bad and the directional dial pad makes up for it. I find it very useful mostly surfing the web.

I passed on bringing my laptop to work a couple days just cuz i knew the droid did so well browsing.

I really like the menu button!!! Everytime your in a app you can bring up a menu button to look for further details or information.. what a concept haha.

Im liking the notifications thing..

I have to admit the android app store is weak. Its not organized well and if you dont know the name of the app your **** out of luck. They should also force screenshots and i think giving the developers email and phone number seems to be weird and useless since im sure its dummy info.

In terms of functionality i havent been really dissapointed with anything. Im actually quite shocked it not laggy running multiple apps.

When im watching my high definition trailers it be nice to turn up the brightness but im unsure if thats possible.

Visual voicemail is missing but im not willing to pay 2.99 for it a month.
The Chief
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 07:56 am
@Droid Motorola,
I find it to be solid, rather than bulky and heavy. Very reassuring and lets me know it's there.

The Notifications are simply awesome. I love it!

The autocomplete as you type is worth its weight in gold... the more you type, the more predictive it gets.

Speed is the key! And this thing is lightning fast!

I do not like the app market layout, there should be an exhaustive website out there on which to shop, note worthwhile apps and then order from the phone.

Multiple browser windows can be a bit tricky and I have to remember to close some when I'm done with them. Not a complaint, just a note to self.

All in all, well worth the upgrade. I think it will be awhile before another phone comes along to woo us away from the Droid! Very Happy
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randy m
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 08:43 am
So far, so good.

The display is awesome - beats my iPod Touch

Physical keyboard is not so good for my fat thumbs - I have to use my thumbnails to make sure I don't type multiple letters per keypress. Maybe I'll get better at it as time goes on.

I love the browser.

One thing I've found to be strange is that the apps I try generally do not have any help screens. I would expect to see that option whenever I hit the menu button.

Unlike the Apple app store, I've found lots of GOOD free apps at the Market. I've also paid for a couple that I thought were worth it.

I also love being able to mount as a drive on my PC. I easily transferred some music, and my custom ringtone from my old Win Mobile phone.

Removable battery is going to be a nice feature - I'd buy a spare if I could find a way to charge it out of the phone (maybe there is already a solution for this, I don't know).

More later
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 11:54 am
@randy m,
I love this thing!

Yes, it's a little bulkier than expected, but not a problem.

I agree that the app store could use some help, it's difficult to find things unless you know the name. It would be nice to be able to sort by rating, date released and more categories. - My husband has an iPhone, and I have an iPod-Touch...there's an application for those called 'Pandora's box' that is a companion to the app store..lets you know when new price drops happen and provides additional reviews... something like that for android might be nice.

I love the autocomplete...and it's pretty clever!

Notifications are great, widgets are great...every day I find more and more I love about this device.

I'm VERY happy with my purchase. My husband is even contemplating returning his iPhone *grin*
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 07:34 pm
Left Verizon, asked the Droid to take me to "Safeway" and it worked without a hitch. I never even had to type!! Even when I took several other streets not listed in the directions, the Droid immediately was able to reroute me. The street view is awesome, but can be distracting. The app store needs to be better organized (maybe the admin in here can set up a page for useful apps).
The Chief
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 07:41 pm
How do you get to street view? I didn't see it in the options...
droid him
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 07:56 pm
I havent had an issue with the bulk. Its not that bulky. If you do the human weight test hold iphone and droid in hands. They seem almost equivenelnt. I equate the sturdy ness to being built right. I went from 8125 to 8525 to 8925 on att, not sure if you know what all those are but each model got more and more sturdy. Other phone feel flimsy compared to this.

With the droid i am able to cut the cord with itunes as far as apps music, podcast, backups, playslists, and everything else. I am actually about to unistall.

Screen has the infamous highly touted olephobic coating that apple touted so much. Call quality is great.

I have just cancelled my att service giving my 3gs to my wife. Great device unless u are an apple fanboy.
Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 08:46 pm
@droid him,
Agreed on the App Market. I would love a comprehensive layout and better structured search. At least a dedicated website to aid in the search.

Also loving the multitasking and notifications menu. At one time, I was managing emails, Facebook messages, texts, and regular web browsing.
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Reply Mon 9 Nov, 2009 11:06 pm
@The Chief,
The_Chief;652 wrote:
How do you get to street view? I didn't see it in the options...

While traveling, there is an icon on the lower right side that looks like a person. By clicking on that, it converts to street view. Just be careful....... it's addicting...........
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droid him
Reply Tue 10 Nov, 2009 04:19 pm
It will also automaticlly go to streetview when you reach your destination
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