Compile your life's soundtrack iPod game....

Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2009 03:01 pm
@Robert Gentel,
I can see where Bebel Gilberto got her musical genes from!
When the my money blues have ended that first album should be my next conquest if it happens to be available.
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Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 09:28 pm
I've made my life story a trilogy and here's part III:

Opening Credits: Wybie from the Coraline soundtrack;
Waking Up: Primevera Portena, a tango composed by Astor Piazzolla;
First Day At School: Where or When by Wynton Marsalis;
Falling In Love: 15 Step by Radiohead;
Breaking Up: Somewhere Only We Know by Keane;
Prom: Jack's Lament from the Nightmare Before Christmas... Shocked
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOkvz_vstwU ;

Mental Breakdown: Clubhouse Stomp by The New York Hawks from Ken Burns' Baseball soundtrack;
Driving: Red Sky at Night by David Gilmour;
Flashback: Smoke Dreams by k. d. lang;
Getting back together: Creature Fear by Bon Iver;
Wedding: Sanko by the Japanese film composer, Yoko Kanno... Sheer perfection in its simplicity!

Birth of Child: How are Things in Glocca Morra by Wynton Marsalis and his father Ellis Marsalis;
Swan song: Street of Dreams by Wynton Marsalis;
Death Scene: This is Halloween by the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack; Laughing
Funeral song: Concerto No. 3 in F major, Op. 8, RV 293, L'autunno," 3rd movement: Allegro {From the Four Seasons} by Vivaldi;
End Credits: Ghost Children from the Coraline soundtrack.
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Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 01:17 am
Opening Credits: I and Love and You, The Avett Brothers;
Waking Up: Adios Nonino, Astor Piazzolla;
First Day At School: Please Be Patient, Feist;
Falling In Love: A Whiter Shade of Pale, Annie Lennox;
Breaking Up: Aime, Mylene Farmer;
Prom: We Are The Champions, Queen;
Mental Breakdown: The Supper, from the Coraline soundtrack;
Driving: Gold, Interference;
Flashback: Tanti anni prima, Astor Piazzolla;
Getting back together: Soldier's Joy, Mark O'Connor;
Wedding: Saving Metroville, from The Incredibles soundtrack;
Birth of Child: Ride On Technology, from the Ghost in the Shell: SAC soundtrack;
Swan song: Hallelujah (Live in London), Leonard Cohen;
Death Scene: It Might As Well Be Spring, Sarah Vaughn;
Funeral song: Videotape, Radiohead;
End Credits: I Got Along, Pet Shop Boys;
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 07:16 am
i like this game, but i have all podcasts and audiobooks on one ipod and music and movies on the other, so my choices on the music side are limited
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 08:50 am
me, too. I'm even thinking of getting a third one so I can put all the classical and jazz on one ad the rock and roll on another.
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 09:44 am
Hey, that's not a bad idea.
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Robert Gentel
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 02:22 pm
Swimpy wrote:
me, too. I'm even thinking of getting a third one so I can put all the classical and jazz on one ad the rock and roll on another.

Why? You can listen to the music by playlist or even genre on most (basically anything other than the shuffle) iPods.
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 03:31 pm
@Robert Gentel,
Why? Because my main iPod is full and I could free up a lot of space by taking off the other two genre.
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2009 11:31 pm
Opening Credits: Ambulance Ltd, Arbuckle's Swan Song
Waking Up: Mano Chao, Bong Bong (Je ne t'aime plus)
First Day At School: Stephen Hough, Paisajes: El Lago;
Falling In Love: Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows (Liv in London);
Breaking Up: Edith Piaf, T'es Beau, Tu Sais;
Prom: Ric Ocasek, True Love
Mental Breakdown: Harvey Hindermyer, Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Driving: Yoko Kanno & Ann Sally, ;
Flashback: Pet Shop Boys, Jealousy;
Getting back together: Debussy, III. Quelques aspects de Nous n'irons plus au bois...;
Wedding: Wynton Marsalis, Everything Happens to Me;
Birth of Child: Sarah Vaughan, Goodnight My Love;
Swan song: Mark O'Connor, The Star Spangled Banner;
Death Scene: Lindsey Buckingham, Yo Do Or You Don't;
Funeral song: Indigo Girls, Uncle John's Band
End Credits: Composed by Kaija Saariaho, Graal Theatre: II. Impetuoso.
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2009 11:33 pm
djjd62 wrote:

i like this game, but i have all podcasts and audiobooks on one ipod and music and movies on the other, so my choices on the music side are limited

Use the iTunes DJ function on iTunes. That should scramble your music collection into a random mix.
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Reply Sun 18 Apr, 2010 09:34 pm
I've added a lot of new music to my iTunes library so I'm curious to see the outcome (plus I'm procrastinating going to bed so why not...).

Opening Credits: becoming by Sephia Hours;
Waking Up: Waiting by Norah Jones;
First Day At School: Narcolepsy by Ben Folds;
Falling In Love: Jakoulov Sonata - 3 by Michael Zaretsky, Viola and Xak Bjerken, Piano
Breaking Up: Still Alive by Coulton & GLaDOS
Prom: The Moon and Saint Christopher by Mary Chapin Carpenter;
Mental Breakdown: Love is like a Cigarette by k.d. lang;
Driving: Satellite Mind by Metric;
Flashback: Cloches a travers les feuilles by Debussy;
Getting back together: Caprice No. 4 in D Major by Mark O'Connor;
Wedding: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? by Natalie Cole;
Birth of Child: Don't Tread on Me by Metallica;
Swan song: I Want Your Sex (Parts 1&2) by George Michael;
Death Scene: Legend in my Living Room by Annie Lennox;
Funeral song: Mink Coat at the Bus Stop by Rickie Lee Jones;
End Credits: by Second Home by the Sea by Genesis
Reply Sun 1 Aug, 2010 12:45 pm
Playing this game as it's another dog dangling day!

Opening Credits: Mink Coat at the Bus Stop by Ricki Lee Jones;
Waking Up: Second Home by the Sea by Genesis;
First Day At School: Slight Figure of Speech by The Avett Brothers;
Falling In Love: It's Over by Aimee Mann; Ironic song placement ... Rolling Eyes
Breaking Up: Stacked Mary Possum by Bruce Hornsby;
Prom: Go Da Da from the Ghost in the Shell: SAC soundtrack

Mental Breakdown: Everyone Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears;
Driving: Chopin: Piano Sonata #3 In B Minor by Martha Argerich;
Flashback: Flying Cowboys by Ricki Lee Jones;
Getting back together: Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys;
Wedding: Quitette pour piano en sol mineur, op.57 - 4 Intermezzo by Chostakovitch;
Birth of Child: Le Perfide Renaud Me Fuit by Patricia Petibon;
Swan song: LoveGame by Lady Gaga;
Death Scene: Westminster Mass - Kyrie by Roxanna Panufnik;

Funeral song: When It's Sleepytime Down South by Wynton Marsalis;
End Credits: by Jackie Robinson Radio Call by Bob Wolf. The radio call when Brooklyn won the world series on the walk off hit.
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Reply Mon 2 Aug, 2010 09:29 am
Okay, the sequel.

Opening Credits: Cretin Hop--The Ramones
Waking Up: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)--Michael Jackson
First Day At School: Fight the Power--Public Enemy
Falling In Love: My Best Friend's Girl--The Cars (nice!)
Breaking Up: If I Can't Come Back--The Reigning Sound
Prom: It Hurts Me--Elvis (wow, my life story goes from baddass to pathetic rather quickly)
Mental Breakdown: Break North--Ultramagnetic MCs (Kool Keith is the perfect spokesmen for the mentally unsound)
Driving: Too Late--Wire (excellent car chase music)
Flashback: Requiem Pour Un Con--Serge Gainsbourg
Getting back together: Jesus--The Velvet Underground (****, who exactly am I getting back together with?)
Wedding: Thirsty and Miserable--Black Flag (and who the **** am I marrying?)
Birth of Child: Taxman--The Beatles (just an old fashioned non-sequitur
Swan song: With A Little Help from My Friends--The Beatles (I guess we like the Beatles today)
Death Scene: With a Vamp in the Middle--John Hartford
Funeral song: Sunken Treasure--Wilco (lovely)
End Credits: Distant Lover--Marvin Gaye

Okay. Weirdest ******* soundtrack ever.
Reply Mon 2 Aug, 2010 04:41 pm
Just listened to Breaking Up: If I Can't Come Back--The Reigning Sound. Seems kind of punkishly appropriate.

Your driving/chase scene sounds like it might be a Judd Apatow comedy of errors with Too Late--Wire. Smile
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Reply Tue 3 Aug, 2010 06:28 am
Okay, the sequel. How bizarre (not on my iPod)

Opening Credits: Work that Skirt - B-52s
Waking Up: Sweet Talkin' Woman - ELO
First Day At School: Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
Falling In Love: I Fought the Law - The Clash (huh?)
Breaking Up: Got The Time - Joe Jackson (this totally works)
Driving: Take it Inside - Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
Flashback: Ride My See-Saw - The Moody Blues
Getting back together: Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire
Wedding: Drive - The Cars (okay, so I'm marrying an alcoholic)
Birth of Child: Many Rivers to Cross - Emeline Michel
Swan song: Rock the Casbah - The Clash (this is not kosher!)
Death Scene: Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone (er, I'm dying at a baseball game?)
Funeral song: The Bag Ladies' Ball - Christine Lavin (weird)
End Credits: Wild Thing - The Troggs

Very odd.
Reply Tue 3 Aug, 2010 04:08 pm
What kind of flashbacks are you into jespah?!

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Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2010 08:37 pm
I'm rebooting my own life's biopic right now. It's the big Hollywood thing to do with a well tread and overused franchise these days.

Opening Credits: Sick Muse by Metric;

Waking Up: The Very Thought of You by Wynton Marsalis.
That's a jarring transition. From grrl rock to melancholic jazz at it's best.

First Day At School: J.J. Quantz - Trio Sonata in C Minor - Allegro by The Deutz Trio;

Falling In Love: The Quality of Mercy by Michelle Shocked;

Breaking Up: Lady Eboshi from the Princess Mononoke score;

Prom: I Can't Be Cool from the Ghost in the Shell: SAC soundtrack.

A song that's ironically fitting for hipsters and people too cool for school.

Mental Breakdown: I've Been to Memphis by Lyle Lovett and his Large Band;

Driving: Sonatine: II. Mouvement de Menuet by the piano god Leon Fleisher;

Flashback: Fishermen, Strawberry And Devil Crab by Miles Davis;

Getting back together: Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox.
Fittingly neurotic! Very Happy

Wedding: Charlie, Woody and You / Study #22... lesser known jazz by the pop piano maestro Bruce Hornsby;

Birth of Child: Bye, Baby Bunting - Golden Slumbers, a lullaby from the Lullabies: A Songbook Companion album of lullabies.
This was an actual coincidence not a manipulated song for this faux-cinematic event.

Swan song: Suffer the Children by the 90's progressive rock band Tears for Fears;

Death Scene: The Gypsy Wife by the legendary Leonard Cohen;

Funeral song: Where Time Stands Still by one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, Mary Chapin Carpenter;

End Credits: Ashitaka And San, another piece from the Princess Mononoke score.
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2011 02:26 am
Opening Credits: January Wedding by The Avett Brothers;
Waking Up: Molly is a Dream by Philip Glass;
First Day At School: Psychedelic Soul from the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack;
Falling In Love: Half-Light II from Arcade Fire;
Breaking Up: Back to Manhattan by Norah Jones;
Prom: Symphony #9 In D Minor, Op. 125, "Choral" - 1. Allegro by Beethoven;
Mental Breakdown: Second Chance by Rickie Lee Jones;
Driving: Team by Bon Iver;
Flashback: The Standoff by Walter Hyatt;
Getting back together: Mr. Roboto by Styx; Confused
Wedding: In the Court of King Oliver by Wynton Marsalis;
Birth of Child: 100 Mile Dash, music from the score of The Incredibles;
Swan song: Into the Airport Hallucination, music from the score of Waltz With Bashir;
Death Scene: Unguided by The New Pornographers;
Funeral song: It's Over by Aimee Mann;
End Credits: Five Tango Sensations: Asleep - Dreaming by Astor Piazzolla.
Reply Sat 30 Jul, 2011 10:34 pm
Opening Credits: Les Fêtes De L'Hymen Et De L'Amour - Ariette De L'Amour: Volez, Plaisirs, Célébrez Ce Beau Jour by Rameau;
Waking Up: Nocturne #4 In F, Op. 15/1 by Chopin;
First Day At School: Come Undone by Duran Duran;
Falling In Love: Mr. Huph Will See You Now from The Incredibles soundtrack; Shocked
Breaking Up: It Might As Well Be Spring by Sarah Vaughn. An ironic break up? Sad ;
Prom: Someone Else's Prayer by Mary Chapin Carpenter;
Mental Breakdown: Sonata - 1 by Jakoulov;
Driving: L'Inverno,F Major,op.8,no.4,II.Largo by Vivaldi. I guess my biopic will be some kind of feature length Jaguar commercial. Neutral
Flashback: It's Easy to Remember by Billie Holliday; Laughing Not cheating. Just pure accidental coincidence.
Getting back together: Stolen Memories from the Schindler's List soundtrack?!;
Wedding: New Chance Blues by the Punch Brothers;
Birth of Child: Laid So Low by Tears For Fears;
Swan song: And the Band Played On by the Wynton Marsalis Septet;
Death Scene: What Do You Do by Lyle Lovett. The title sounds more relevant then the actual song is to the category;
Funeral song: Soir De Fete from the Amelie soundtrack;
End Credits: Tango Suite: Andante by Piazzolla.
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Reply Mon 1 Aug, 2011 09:04 am
Fitting and eminently listenable waking up and funeral songs.

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