Bulgarian..Anyone?? Do you want to know something about it?

Reply Mon 22 Jun, 2009 01:27 pm
If you are interested in a far more different language than English, you can read.
I see that most of the people here are English speakers.
I'm from Bulgaria. This is a country in East Europe. It's nearly twice smaller than New York but it has an amazing nature.
I decided to start this topic because many of my foreign friends find Bulgarian language very nice and even exotic. They love talking in bulgarian in front of their English-speaking friends.
I felt a need to show people here something new and.. I hope something interesting.

If you're interested, I would be glad to answer ALL your questions about my country and my language. Smile
Robert Gentel
Reply Mon 22 Jun, 2009 02:58 pm
@strawberry pie,
I actually do have a question. What language do you consider to be the most similar to Bulgarian. Macedonian?
strawberry pie
Reply Mon 22 Jun, 2009 03:13 pm
@Robert Gentel,
Am... this is a bit of a "forbidden topic" for Bulgarian people...
But to answer your question - Yes, Macedonian IS the most similar language to Bulgarian. However, technically there is no such thing as "Macedonian language" because people from Macedonia were actually Bulgarian people before 1900. Now, they kind of hate Bulgaria...
This is pretty much related to history and I don't want to give long boring explanations.
So, Macedonian is a form [in theory] of Bulgarian and a man from Macedonia would have no difficulty understanding a man from Bulgaria.
Also, Serbian is similar to Bulgarian but not that similar.
Although they share the same alphabet, Russian is NOT that close to Bulgarian.

Thanks for the question. :]
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