How much do those guys on the street corners make?

Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 11:09 pm
Many street guys are not earning that much to live decently.

Agree that there are lot real homeless, and some are fakes.
But if the real homeless are given opportunity to be in shelters,
it will be one of the wonderful things happened to them.
Being at home brings much joy and security.=)
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Reply Fri 25 Jan, 2019 06:46 pm
Tell them about help from religious or charity groups or locally travelling shelters. Also, tell them to call for rides to these so no accidents form walking near cars, like call aqquantences kr family (tell them to call them for help no matter where they are, so they help) maybe 911 or loft or things though 911 calls not for emergencies might be illegal. Also tell them about jobs from companies that give to anyone or jobs hat anyone can fill. Tell them about kind hearted companies and tell them about companies that have helped before anywheee , even if they’d re not charities to see if hey will help anywhere. Look this up if these exist near you and can be used before u drive so no accidents. Tell them this give them non money gifts like essentials and food.
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Reply Sun 17 Mar, 2019 09:45 am
I've been homeless before. I've had 4 surgeries, 2 on my spine and still can't really work. I held a sign before to survive. Before my last spinal surgery I would get $20 to $40 in 4 to 6 hours. I tried after surgery when I was in a neck brace with a cane and got nothing in 5 hours. I lost over 80 pounds and almost died. I couldn't carry anything (5 pounds max) and was constantly harassed by law enforcement. I've found people really can't stand homeless people . Towns even make laws to harass the homeless like illegal to lay down in public (Mt Shasta Ca.)
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Reply Wed 18 Sep, 2019 07:35 pm
Saw something really sad the other day.

This woman, she may have been in her 20's, but looked in her 50's. Really bad on meth or crack or whatever. Really Jonesing. Anorexic, bad hair, sucken in cheeks the whole bit.

The part that really got me was that apparantly she had lost her shoes somewhere. Standing there almost letting cars hit her, trying to flag them down. I was on the other side of a divided highway at a light, and watched her solicite guys in cars, who obviously wanted to just drive away, waiting for the light to change.

It was the lack of shoes that got me. Asphalt in 104 degrees.

From what I understand, they have loosened the restrictions on people putting up tents under bridges and stuff. There's this one guy on South Congress that has actually made a really homey place for himself. He keeps it very tidy. I've seen a few small groups of people that are always hanging out with each other who have formed little communities where they all have their place.

Unfortunately, most of what I see are trash strewn areas of junkies and such. People standing on the wayside shaking their fists at the sun, and obviously really high. Also the mentally ill, which maybe some of the sun haters are those people.
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Reply Sat 5 Oct, 2019 06:34 pm
The sad thing is that some take advantage. Saw a very nice looking car come into a shopping area. Go to the furthest place to park. Got out with ratty clothing, milk crate and a cardboard sign....That was the day I quit tossing them any money.

I even met a couple that started working finally. The guy said that on a good day, they'd make $150 sometimes. But that the females always got more.

I actually was giving cases of cup o noodles to a local homeless org and one guy said "Don't waste your money on these people" His reason was that I'd give shoes and coats, but few of these people would use the stuff for its purpose. Instead, they'd sell it for whatever they could get.

Booze, cigs or drugs. In that order. I finally decided to just give to my church and a few pet rescue groups.
Reply Sat 5 Oct, 2019 09:08 pm
What if you see your preacher getting out of his fancy car, and go with a woman who isn't his wife?
Would you stop giving to religious organizations in general, or just not give any of your money to him anymore?

Ditto for animal rescue groups. If you found out a group you were giving to was giving sub standard care to the animals, and using it themselves, would you stop giving to rescue groups totally, or just stop giving to that group?

"Some guy" tells you not to waste your money, "these people" will just buy alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In addition, they will sell the used clothes, shoes and cup 'o noodles you give them for the same. So you listen to "some guy" who might be a blithering idiot rather than learn for yourself?

I'm wary of those that seem to know what an entire group of people are like.

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Reply Tue 22 Oct, 2019 12:25 pm
If there is a woman present, more money will be given. However, in many places, not tourist locations, men will get very little money.
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Reply Thu 18 Jun, 2020 09:38 am
I made like a hundred in eight days but that was posting in front of wallygreens
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