Computer hacking questions

Reply Tue 3 Mar, 2009 10:25 pm
Thanks, msolga. It's very hurtful to hear from one's child. Even if she is an adult. The burden of proof is on her, as Judge Judy would say. I'm not sure she's ok since we aren't talking. She's always been a bit off the wall and hard for me to understand.
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Hmmm......well, she uses myspace. A week or more before she accused me of getting into her myspace and emails, she said my nephew, who also has myspace, was hacked into. Are they having a problem, too?

I don't use facebook or myspace and don't quite understand how someone's identity could be taken, or even why someone would bother. What's the point, I mean, what do they gain?

She must think I've been really busy...I'm sure she'll think I'm behind the facebook hacking too Wink Geez. For someone doing a regimen of chemo I have an amazing amount of energy, eh?

Thanks for your post, Ragman. I appreciate it.

Reply Wed 4 Mar, 2009 08:12 am
Two online accounts were hacked and her MYSPACE account probably lists her Yahoo email.

First question is - WHY are you using the same password for both? Hacking one then makes it easy to hack the other.

Just guessing on the password but if she is accusing you it probably means she doesn't know much about password security or the rule about NOT using the same password for more than one account.
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Reply Wed 4 Mar, 2009 08:58 am
bathsheba wrote:

I don't know how she knows she was hacked. Or even if she knows what hacking means. As spacey as she is, I can see her leaving a computer at school with her sign in information for all to see.

I'm waiting for an apology from her.

You had mentioned that she is 33 years old. Is she a teacher? Could students be involved? Just a thought.
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