Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2003 02:25 pm
If you have a familiarity with the Spam Blocking software SpamPal, please help. And, Thank You!!!

See below for the ones I've checked on my computer - and still so far about 59 garbage emails have come through today! Plus, my ISP traps in WebMail . . . PLUS, I have a regularly updated Norton Symantec Firewall. The only other thing to do is change my email address? Sure hate to do that. It's almost 10 years old - with correspondents around the world.

Quote: is first and foremost, an automated system designed to protect its users from open relay UCE (ie spam sent through unsecured mail servers). However, it also includes the contents of several other DNSBL lists, including SPEWS, and the Spamhaus SBL.

(Inputs) This is an automated system designed to list unsecured mail servers that are often abused in order to send spam. In other words, it contains just the open relay bits of

SPEWS is a listing mostly of sites that knowingly support or facilitate spam, or are connected to those who do. The people behind SPEWS are famous for being anonymous. SPEWS is often considered an "aggressive" DNSBL list, and brings an increased chance of legitimate mail being mistaken for spam. lists spammers support sites, such as those that sell spamming software, "bulletproof" email services or lists of harvested email addresses.

The Spamhaus SBL lists known spammers, spam gangs, spam operations and spam support services. SBL entries are backed up with evidence which has fully satisfied the Spamhaus Project team that the IP or netblock is under the control of a spam operation or a spam service.

The Open Relay DataBase is a non-profit organisation which stores a list of machines which are open (or insecure) SMTP relays. These relays are, or are likely to be, used as conduits for sending unsolicited bulk email.

An experimental service that lists those hosts that emit lots of spam relative to other types of email, based upon the spam reported using the main SpamCop service. The list will eventually be restricted but it can be freely used for now. is a personal list of networks whom the author believes actively or passively allow abusive or antisocial behavior. Examples of what he considers abusive or antisocial behavior are: spamming, mailbombing, mail server dictionary attacks, and web page E-mail address harvesting.

This DNSBL service lists those hosts which run an insecure version of Matt's Formmail script (used on lots of websites) which spammers are abusing to send spam. If you get lots of spam that seems to come from a feedback form, this list could help you! NOTE: This service has recently changed its policy so that out-of-date entries are no longer removed. Thus is will become progressively more inaccurate as time goes by.

( Lists various open proxies (insecure servers that can be used to access other servers and eventually send email) that are known to be used by spammers.

Arbitrary Blackhole List (or ABL) is a VERY AGGRESSIVE list of hosts known to be used by well-known spammers. It includes several popular hosts such as HotMail and Yahoo, so there is a high possibility it will mistake legitimate email for spam.

(Wirehub! Blackholes) This service lists the IP addresses of persistent spam sources, abusers scanning for open mail relays, abusers behind raped relays, open proxy servers, of spamvertizers and of spamvertized websites.

This lists parts if the Internet that are not compliant with RFC954, such as I.P. address with inaccurate or out-of-date information in IP whois records, and IP addresses which lack of any WHOIS service whatsoever. This list is not concerned with spam; however, the theory goes that those hosts not compliant with Internet protocols are more likely to facilitate other forms of network abuse (e.g. spam).

(NJABL) Not Just Another Bogus List. Lists known open relays, open proxies, insecure form-mail scripts and known spammers.

( Lists open and insecure Wingate, SOCKS and HTTP proxies.

(DSBL) Distributed Server Boycott List. Another list of open proxies, open relays, and insecure form-mail scripts.

(DNSRBL) "Domain Name System Real-time Black List". Lists parts of the Internet that have sent mail to some "honey-pot" addresses that had no cause to receive any email.


I have checked (bold above in quote):


Spamhaus SBL


SpamCop Blocking List
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Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2003 07:20 pm
I don't have familiarity with the software but the fact is, spammers change all of the time, so putting a bunch on your list is a good idea but you won't cover everybody all of the time.

One thing you might want to do, in addition to blocking domains, is send emails with certain words in their titles straight to the trash (you can always look for domain patterns and the like among these).

These would be words like:
* Viagra
* mortgage
* Nigeria
* penile
* herbal
* casino

Another thing you can do is open up a free email account (on yahoo or hotmail) and use it for ordering stuff online and signing up for things (newsletters and the like). This address can be your spam collector while your regular address is used for friends and family.

Spammers use a multi-pronged approach to send junk to you - there are a lot of them and they use several techniques (email harvesting, random name generation, etc.) so you, unfortunately, need to diversify your defenses to eliminate more spam.

It's hard to get rid of all of it, but it's possible to reduce the incoming numbers significantly.
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Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2003 07:35 pm
jespah - Thank you for your suggestions! I'm printing them out now. Just came back on line and I see there are 28 more spam emails. Total for the day so far - two and a half hours to go till midnight - 87 . . . and that's besides the ISP WebMail and what Netscape filters and the Firewall are blocking. "There oughta be a law." Thanks again. Smile [/color]
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Craven de Kere
Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2003 08:04 pm
Once you are getting spam it's too late. Later on I will write up a whole site about how not to get spam. On my personal email addresses I never get spam. Prevention is the key.
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Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2003 09:07 pm
Gosh, Craven, I can't wait! Please hurry with that site! Meanwhile, I think you're saying I should get another email address - like in Hotmail, Yahoo, or . . . Can you point me to any other materials I can read about this dilemma? I'm drowning! Thanks for all your help. [/color]
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 04:28 am
These are the RBLs I currently use:

Ah SpamPal! It's a great little program. Were you aware that there are plugins for it? I suggest you get- and install these:

Bayesian filter:

this will allow spampal to adapt to what YOU consider to be spam. The more spam you feed it the less false positives you will receive. (this technology is not exclusive to spampal)

leave in in Learning mode for at least a few hundred emails. You might want to experiment with the 'learn from whitelist' checkbox:

RegEx filter (*)

If you simply want to slap together words to block without much toying then also grab this plugin:

I started out with SpamPal and was immensely thrilled with the potential of Holgers Disruptor plugin. It promised the ability to strip out dangerous content from messages and convert html to text and other spiffy things. The plugin project has been abandoned and is now it's own full blown program. I don't want to seem out of order but I do truly delight in disruptor. If you don't use outlook give it two or three months until the latest version for non-outlook users is out of beta.

But if you're happy where you are, by all means stick with SpamPal. is not the only source for great plugins!

this is my old SpamPal plugin collection:

currently I'm switching off between SpamPal and Disruptor PI while using Thunderbird (mozilla email client), but I find myself using SpamPal less often.

(*) You needn't worry yourself about learning regular expressions. From version 2.5 forward the plugin "borrows" rules from SpamAssassin and is updated regularly.

hope this helps
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 09:38 pm
Thank you, whatis1029!!! What a marvelous post!!! :-) :-) :-)

And, welcome - triple welcome - to A2K! You've only joined today? Wow! Haven't checked your other posts, but this one is very impressive . . . and very helpful. Although we've not yet checked the websites and the various suggestions you've made, we will as soon as possible. As you know, this "spam business" is one huge pain. Hope to head it off as much as one can with these programs you've listed. Check your posts in a few days; we'll try to let you know how we're doing. Thanks again!!!
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