food for thought ~writing/cooking/photographing food (vegetarian)

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Look forward to it, Endy - says another garlic fiend.
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Endymion wrote:

Hi Ossobuco

i really hope i get to see some of your photographs.
As for the painting bit - do you already paint? What medium? I am thinking of using oils, but am nervous about beginning - in case i'm crap!

Sorry for not answering before - just saw this. Yes, I already paint, have since the early seventies. I started with drawing classes at night, after work, and on through a lot of studio art classes at UCLA extension. That was great.. good teachers who wanted you to play/work out how you wanted to express yourself, after a few courses in fundamentals. I use oils, I love their maleability. Tried acrylics, hated them - but that was also in the seventies. However, there are now some kind of water based oils (sounds like an oxymoron - and another artist told me they work better with some styles/modes than others) and acrylics have gotten more interesting - not that I know that from my own experience, I just use oils. But, I do use very eco minded solvents (there's a firm in Portland, Oregon - Gamblin, that makes good stuff).

Funny, I've been going through some of my saved stuff, in boxes since I moved from California. Yep, there were pizza photos..

One thing I'm missing and I'm sort of freaking that it is missing, but I still have some remaining boxes to open.. is a painting by Eric Fidjeland with a bowl of lemons and some garlic. He's an artist who used to show with my old gallery. May still show there for all I know. Watercolors to die for, if you like representational work at all.

I'll see if I can find an example of his work, and post it.
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Hmmm, the work on his site are giclees, and not so very representative of his work that I love so much - having to do with reproduction for posting on a website, not that I wouldn't like the originals for the work he has on there.

I've a few photos of his work that I really like, but I'd ask him for permission before posting them... heh, when I get my scanner cooking.
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Oh Beth... how funny. I took this the other day....


thoughts behind it were.... pink, shrek, layers, heart, smile.....

didn't think anyone else was a daft as me about photographing veggies.... then looky here - I find you are doing spuds and beans. Love it!

<waves to Osso, Endy et al>
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Surprised For a minute there, Izzie, I thought you'd been photographing intestines!
But no, it's a beautiful, moist, sparkling onion! Makes ya feel like biting right into it!Very Happy

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Ha.... yep Chai.... sparkly onion - oooooh.... love a red onion.

Msolga... could of been, where I am now - but no - a lovely red/pink/purple onion with a smile to court Beths red spuds!
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... & this one (just found it) should have a "R" rating! What a rude, shameless vegetable! Laughing

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Smile Great to come here and find all these posts.

Got a cup of tea and read through with interest.
So thanks!


ehBeth - Thanks for that link. I love those onion twists - they almost look like something that should be hanging in the Tate Modern and amazing coloured potatoes.... can they really be that dark, purple red? Wow- we don't get any around here like that, i can tell you.
I'm glad you are a mad fruit and veg photographer. Smile


Looking at ehBeth's photographs made me think of how i first got interested in the idea of photographing fruit and veg as 'art'
I grew up around the markets in London - mostly Camden, where i learned to love the colourful market atmosphere.
Then i went to Barcelona Their fruit and vegetable markets are something else.


Barcelona - what a fantastic place - the start of my obsession !

Ossobuco -

Painting/photography/patterns/symbolism and colour.
You could talk to me about it forever and i'd be happy.
(Not that i could name you more than a dozen artists - if that).

i'm sure you will understand when i say I'm nervous as hell about beginning painting.
i think it must be important to me, because i only ever get this feeling normally (of circling something and sizing it up in my mind - but holding off) with my writing. And only then, the stuff that feels 'important' somehow.
I feel i don't want to rush it. Just to do other things while i think about it, from a distance. Do you know?
I'll let it cook in my subconscious for a while (or at least, that's what it feels like i'm doing).

Thanks for answering my post btw.
I read with interest.
I wanted to say something in return about my experience of art, but there isn't much.

I have 'messed around' with paints a bit before and as a kid i used to draw. (Doodling, my teachers called it). I also used colouring books and stuff like that.

Later I went through a phase of drawing Celtic tattoos.
(Or trying to).

i've also had 'art-therapy' -which was very interesting. The sessions were nothing like i expected and I recommend it to anyone who is into symbolism/psychoanalysis at all.

I've also done some art using photoshop - i'll see if i can dig a few out to show you (although, they are nothing to get too excited about).

I think it's 'colour' that I'm into the idea of at this time. Maybe because I've been a hermit for a while now and its winter and all that. Dreary.

i think i'll wait until the summer to begin painting - so any inspiration between now and then, would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

ps - the garlic thing...i haven't forgotten Smile


Edgar - for me, the regular 'tea' was tinned beans on toast, until i got to 12 - when i suddenly rebelled against the bean.

Have you ever written anything about your childhood memories of food?

I remember eating dog biscuits at a friend's house! Smile

But seriously, reading your post, suddenly i wanted to hear more... you know?

good to see you here


Izzie - the onion is fantastic and reminds me that i took a picture of some red cabbage the other day - sliced right through the middle- oMG the patterns inside kinda blew my mind! Like - Celtic, mathematical patterns - i'm not kidding. i was stunned.
(unfortunately no batteries in my camera right now. I'll upload them asap.)

Really glad i'm not the only one into this.. i took a strange picture of spices too, i'll put it up. Smile
thanks Iz


Olga - Laughing

Vegetables have been known to misbehave from time to time.



Thanks for posting, everyone

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