What podcasts do you listen too

Tue 19 Jan, 2010 02:54 pm
this looks like a great new podcast


A History of the World in 100 Objects

Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, narrates 100 programmes that retell humanity's history through the objects we have made. The series spans two million years of history and uses objects from the British Museum's collection to tell a history of the world, from the earliest times to the present day. The 15-minute programmes are broadcast Monday to Friday on BBC Radio 4, and the podcast is published daily. Beginning in January, 2010 the programmes will be broadcast in three tranches through the year.

001 Mummy of Hornedjitef 18 Jan 10
Mon, 18 Jan 10

This ornate Egyptian coffin holds secrets to the understanding of their priests' religion, Egyptian society and its connections to the rest of the world. At the age of eight, Neil MacGregor visited the British Museum for the first time and came face to face with this object and it has fascinated and intrigued him ever since.

002 Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool 19 Jan 2010
Tue, 19 Jan 10

A simple chipped stone from the Rift Valley in Tanzania marks the emergence of modern humans. Faced with the needs to cut meat from carcasses, early humans in Africa discovered how to shape stones into cutting tools. From that one innovation, a whole history of human development springs. Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, tells the story with contributions from flint napper Phil Harding, Sir David Attenborough and African Nobel Prize winner Dr Wangeri Maathai.

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Tue 19 Jan, 2010 08:05 pm

I'm impressed with the wide range of your listening.

Me - I don't usually get past the ABC - lacking discipline (and time), I'm afraid.

I like "Ïs it just me?"- Angela Catterns and Wendy Harmer. They've just finished a holiday stint on Sydney breakfast radio ABC 702
Tue 19 Jan, 2010 08:07 pm
i want to listen to their show, but i haven't had the time
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Sat 28 Mar, 2020 05:17 pm
I just found a list and need to put it somewhere. Haven’t tried them yet.

Man in the Window
Over my Dead Body
The Drop Out
Blood Ties
Homecoming (?)
Dr. Death
Something Was Wrong
Happy Hour

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Fri 3 Apr, 2020 02:34 am
Thank you. Something just flipped inside me, and I can’t stand watching movies anymore. I think I got to the end of the internet or something. I’m glad to check out podcasts.
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Tue 30 Nov, 2021 07:12 am
Fake Heiress
The Dream
The Dollop
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