Dem plan to unionize everybody and everything

Reply Tue 25 Nov, 2008 08:36 am


My God! The unions are actually going to pull this one off! Their unionization-by-intimidation bill is actually going to pass! Now just ask yourself .. what would you do if you were an employer and you felt that the Democrats were on the verge of passing the union's "card check" bill. Well .. I'll tell you what I would do. I would be looking at any automation that I could find that would reduce my workforce. I would then go with all of the offshore options I could find that would allow me to get rid of more employees. Then I would go to staffing agencies for the rest of my workforce. The people working in my place of business would not be working for me. They would be working for a staffing agency. If they want to unionize something, they can unionize the staffing agency. If the Democrats bring us "card check" along with an expansion of the Family Leave Act my guess is that there are a lot of employers out there who will do everything they can to get rid of employees.

Unions played a big part in destroying the big three automakers. Now they can play a similar role with your business. Aren't you workers glad you voted for Obama? You might have voted yourself right slap out of a job.
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Reply Tue 25 Nov, 2008 08:43 am
Goody. More work for the educated folk who produce automation....

More competition for buffoonish entertainers, though.
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Reply Tue 25 Nov, 2008 08:48 am
It's so nice to see that good "patriots" move jobs overseas.

Nothing like supporting America there Neal. Good for you. Maybe you would be happier if you went and lived with the overseas workers you are proposing hiring.
Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2011 02:33 am
That might seem true, but, US union membership has been cut nearly in half in the last ten to fifteen years...

Alongside with those union cuts has gone US jobs and the wealth of the middle class to over feed the top 2% of billionaires. Billionaires will be feeding on their own young when there is no middle class to buy their disposable earth destroying plastics.

The unions have already been cut in half and republicans want, MORE?

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Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2011 02:43 am
parados wrote:

It's so nice to see that good "patriots" move jobs overseas.

Nothing like supporting America there Neal. Good for you. Maybe you would be happier if you went and lived with the overseas workers you are proposing hiring.

Ditto, and, ask the Chinese workers how Wal-Mart treats them without Chinese unions.





Republican utopia is for workers to die on the job. While they preach family, they strip the family unit of a means to survive. Make daddy work so hard he never comes home and make their school teachers simply quit on the job. When the house burns down the fireman and hospitals will be stripped down such that they are infective to help.

No Obama care, no one cares period.
Reply Tue 22 Mar, 2011 06:58 am
Something like 70% of Chinese still work on farms using agricultural practices from the days of Alley Oop and they're missing 70,000,000 women due to an insane libtard one-child policy; the idea of a few of their people doing a bit better than all of that for themselves by working for Wallies is the least of their worries. In fact China could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn't set Walllies back more than one week, there would be 50 nations lined up to take their place.

I'll say it again, I've looked for ways to love the Republican party and never found one, but I do not get this absolute sense of loathing from pubbies, and the jury is clearly in on Obungacare, the American people feel they are being harmed by it and do not want it. 70 Percent of them support its repeal.

Again if I had the power to, I would institute a sort of a basic health care reform which would be overwhelmingly simple and which would resemble obungacare in no way, shape, or manner. Key points would be:

1. Elimination of lawsuits against doctors and other medical providers. There would be a general fund to compensate victims of malpractice for actual damage and a non-inbred system for weeding out those guilty of malpractice.

2. Elimination of the artificial exclusivity of the medical system. In other words our medical schools could easily produce two or three times the number of doctors they do with no noticeable drop off in quality.

3. Elimination of the various practices which drive the cost of medicines towards unaffordability.

4. Elimination of the outmoded WW-II notion of triage in favor of a system which took some rational account of who pays for the system and who doesn't. The horror stories I keep reading about the middle-class guy with an injured child having to fill out forms for three hours while an endless procession of illegal immigrants just walks in and are seen, would end, as would any possibility of that child waiting three hours for treatment while people were being seen for heroin overdoses.

All of those things would fall under the heading of what TR called "trust busting". There would also be some system for caring the truly indigent, but the need and cost would be far less than at present.

By far the biggest item is that first one. The trial lawyers' guild being one of the two major pillars of financial support for the democrat party is the basic reason nobody is saying anything about that part of the problem.

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