Do you vote in municipal elections?

Reply Sun 16 Nov, 2008 12:51 am
I try David, I'm a firm believer in the...."every law that is passed takes a right away from us"....mentality, and I've seen it to be true, even though it is a small minority that tends to be on the losing end....I'm never 100% for doing so.

I only have say-so over sales tax...which is currently set at 0.0...heh, how bout dat.

I should say, there are laws that I consider to be completely legit...the 14th and 19th amendments...and others of course, but they are rare.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 16 Nov, 2008 02:00 am
It's still on Sundays (everybody should get the opportunity to vote).

I don't think that these traditions, as you, hamburger, described them, really exist anymore. Even here, where "I sit".

But we who sit there as 'election workers', we quite often get some cake, coffee, cookies from some co-citizens.
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