Reply Fri 28 Nov, 2008 11:08 am
haha masons are a scam for money.

damn im good. always straight to the point

haha damn you're clueless.
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Reply Thu 16 Sep, 2010 04:33 pm
i have thrice been invited to join, though i am a two time ex-offender. corporate infractions do not consist of felonies, my friend, no matter what a court (corporation) might say. to violate a statute is to violate autonomic law, or corporate bylaw, policy, rules or regulations. not one of those are laws. i first was told i should join by a 32nd degree mason, we can call him Nicholas. he is of the blue house. then again two months later by a 32nd from the red. he said that they need people who understand to take thier places because the new recruits cant seem to get past the 3rd degree anymore. (here he is an old man who couldnt quite make it all the way himself.) didnt really care for his outlook that much. i then was paid a visit by Nicholas again, this time he wore a purple ring, which i have only seen once before on my grandfathers hand, who was a 33 1/3rd, or a shriner. funny thing, he said the same thing the other guy did. so, the seed has been planted and now, after putting in my due dilligence, i have come to the conclusion that i have nothing to gain whatsoever from joining the Order, but the Order would in fact have much to gain from what I bring to the table. rolling it around in my head first. Freemason means freeman. i am free already, as that i have the understanding of being co-creator and master builder already. i make a conscious effort to apply the seven principles to my everyday life already, so once again, they would benefit from my joining much more than i would. im downloading a copy of Dante's Rite now, i havent read it since i was about 14 years old. i see the truth hidden in plain sight, and i usually know it when i see it, before investigation. the truth is self evident, if thats a hint to anyone, and i live in that manner as a non combatant and in peace. commerce does not rule my life and i am a very spiritual being and abhor organized religion's hold on the minds of men. i understand the power of free-will and the right to contract. would like to know your thoughts, though.
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