The 'Genesis Expo museum' - a "walk through history"

Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2008 11:22 am
The Church of England this week issued a formal apology to Charles Darwin - link to thread - other churches adhere to old beliefs.

And many Britons as well:
The revelation that US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin says creationism should be taught in schools has raised few eyebrows in the US. An estimated 47% of Americans reject outright Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, accepting instead the Bible's account of the creation of the universe - as laid out in the first chapter of Genesis. If we came from nothing and go into nothing... that encourages people to lead reckless and materialistic lifestyles

But in Britain, where a portrait of Darwin appears on the back of the £10 note, his theory of life evolving from primitive to complex structures by means of natural selection appears to be unchallenged orthodoxy.

Not so, say those on both sides of the creationist divide - a point amply proved by the existence of the Genesis Expo museum, to date Britain's only creationist museum. The museum is the work of Britain's oldest creationist group, the Creation Science Movement, which has built Genesis Expo to visibly challenge the theory of evolution .

In its walk-through display, fossils in glass cases purport to show that ancient animals - including man - did not evolve from lower creatures but were instead divinely created "after their kind" (Genesis Chapter 1, verse 21).


Museum curator Ross Rosevear describes himself as a "Young Earth" creationist, who believes that the earth was created in six days "less than 10,000 years ago."

Source:Who are the British creationists?

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Walter Hinteler
Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2008 11:22 am
@Walter Hinteler,


<Creation Museum homepage>
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Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2008 11:31 am
@Walter Hinteler,
Chuck Darwin is a legit candidate for stupidest white man ever to walk the Earth. Evolution is junk science and, as junk science goes, a spectacularly dangerous variant of it with something like 200,000,000 dead bodies lying around to its credit and to the credit of ideologies and doctrines based on it.

Nobody owes Chuck any apologies.
Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2008 06:54 pm
spoken by one who hasnt a clue re: sciences many pathways. I love it when morons like gunga become the expositors of " dogma as science".

Whose week is it to water his pot?
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Reply Wed 17 Sep, 2008 01:02 am
You sir are truly an idiot. Where's your god now, fool?
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