your Favorite albums And why!

Reply Sat 12 Jul, 2008 03:04 am
In No order list your favorite albums and Your reason for loving them!
These On my list are in no paticular Order but ive Listened to Them For YEARS now And Loved Every song and it just Never gets old,there brilliant Imo.

1: Linkin Park - Reanimation

Reason: Imo Its what hybrid Theory Was meant to be all along,Take Solid songs to begin with....Add incredible beats,Tons of Huge guest Singers such as jonathen davis and Front man Of Stained Arron lewis....then add In Rare Songs never heard before (at that time) such as my december and Hi voltage. this was touted as a Remix of hybrid theory but Infact it Was so different and amazing you really CANT call this a remix album at all.

2: Fort Minor - We major Mixtape

Available for FREE before the release of the rising tied this Mixtape Had Every Underground incredible rap star known to man with Front man mike shinoda...Styles of beyond crew....Apathy and Lupe Fiasco.....It also Has beats From Classic Old Songs that were way before my time....And every song is just ******* INCREDIBLE timeless hiphop with true Talent and meaning....
No rapping about Ho's and Crystal up in the club here......you want talent Then check this out...you'll be glad you did! I should point out that this FREE mixtape is better than fort minors Only commercial release "the rising tied" Imo.

3: Dido - No Angel

Her debut release ive listened to it for years now with favorites such is issobel,Thank you and Im no angel Its the ultimate in mellow music and Never gets old.Her 2003 release Was incredible.....but not like this.

4: Styles of beyond - Razor Tag

The Newest release From styles of beyond this group is Underground Hip hop and just ******* INCREDIBLY TALENTED and TERRIFIC! I love all the songs and cant stop listening to them! the only gripes are the Semi Frequent "Promo's" Of Green lanterns.....when he constantly has His name said in Almost every song.....Once a song You hear "green lantern" Over the main song and it gets annoying.....That and those strange air raid sirens....

still great,If your interested lemme know and i'll post the download link (its free and available on there site,u just gotta do some digging as its nto too easy to find i think)

5: Yellow card - Paper walls

Yellow cards newest release there i SUPPOSE like many other bands on mtv Yet with some crazy violin guy In there and imo this makes the group.This cd took There Upbeat intensity to the next level Wiht just incredible music and So complex...I adore it. Although the "Dear bobby" Track is ******* creepy with that old man...ugh.

6: CHECKOUT ANYTHING FROM 65DAYSOFSTATIC!!!!!!!! If you like postrock that is....theres no lyrics but they make up for it In An intense Rollercoaster Ride Of Highs and lows with Techno type beats and noises and Its just.....Wow.google this or lookup a video of theirs On Youtube...I suppose its not for everyone but there at the top of there genre imo.
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Reply Sat 12 Jul, 2008 07:29 pm
I can only do this one album at a time because I have a million album (sides) if not whole albums that I love and listen to over and over - but one of my very favorite whole albums from start to finish- one of the few on which I'm not tempted to skip even one song is the Love Jones soundtrack.

1. Brother To The Night (A Blues For Nina) Darius' Poem - Larenz Tate Listen Listen
2. Hopeless - Dionne Farris
3. The Sweetest Thing - Refugee Camp All-Stars
4. I Got A Love Jones For You - Refugee Camp All-Stars
5. Sumthin' Sumthin': Mellosmoothe (Cut) - Maxwell
6. Never Enough - Groove Theory
7. Inside My Love - Trina Broussard
8. In The Rain - Xscape
9. You Move Me - Cassandra Wilson
10. Rush Over - Me'shell Ndegeocello
11. I Like It - The Brand New Heavies
12. Girl - Cassie
13. Can't Get Enough - Kenny Lattimore
14. Jelly, Jelly - The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
15. In A Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington
16. Lyric: I Am Looking At Music Nina's Poem - Nia Long

Pros: An excellent compilation of mid-and down-tempo soul and jazz, with an extra sensual kick.

Cons: Poetry interludes at the beginning and end, Wyclef, an ill-fitting Brand New Heavies track.

(I really like one of the poems)

The Bottom Line: This underrated soundtrack album is a near-perfect collection melding jazz stylings with the up-and-coming neo-soul movement. It belongs in the collection of any self-respecting R&B fan.

edited to say that I forgot to say why I like it - I love the music - very romantic and easy and fun to sing along with...and I have good memories of listening to it in the car with my kids - especially my daughter who loved it when she was learning to talk- she'd sing - 'Dirl, Dirl, baby Dirl' (instead of Girl, girl, baby girl) and it always made me laugh.

*She used to say 'dirl' instead of 'girl' and 'guck' instead of 'duck'
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