The seeds of our own destruction.............

Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 05:43 am
Lie deep in the loam of our soul.
It is there that we find the harvest,
There that the tale is untold.

And when it comes time for the reaping,
What will the fruit of it bring?
Ergot or something else lethal,
Or a song that we're waiting to sing.
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 08:18 am
Per yin and yang

Shall we grow weeds of misery
Or our own resurrection - ?
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 08:29 am
I understand about Yin and Yang, and I like your reminder, edgar; however I wrote that poem to remind myself that we are responsible for everything that we do in life. No place else to fix the blame. Of course, others inspire that feeling from time to time, and it's the old, never dying "nature/nurture" theme, but not this time, for me, anyway.


Notice that the symbol is black and white with no hint nor shade of color.
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 08:39 am
As ye reap . . .
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 08:42 am
Incidentally, I read in a book that was written in the 1950s (and so can't find it now) that the yin/yang symbol originally has bridges that connect the dots to the opposite sides. If that is so, I have not been able to find anything about that in a search.
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2008 09:13 am
Seek and ye shall find? Razz

There are those who make others sow,
While they reap the best of the crop.
They laugh, and abuse, and deny
The slavery which they bestow.
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Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2008 04:57 am
Hey Letty - that's a great yin yang image

i've been into the symbol for a little while now.

(I always like to read your poems, too Very Happy )

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Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2008 05:20 am
endy, you are delightful. What does that new avatar mean? Razz You just reminded me that I need to look further into that black and white circle. Thanks, honey.
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Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2008 06:50 am
Hi Letty

my avatar is like a tattoo a friend had (he's died).
He always made me feel I could be brave -you know that type of friend?

Also, I think the yin yang is a powerful, anti-fascist symbol

Also I meditate on it

It has so many aspects doesn't it?

Some people see it as an anti-racist symbol and I can see that.
Others see it as good and bad, each with a tiny bit of one inside the other (makes sense to me)

But I've been thinking about life and death a lot recently.
And I had a strange notion come to me while contemplating death. (Shhh, don't tell anyone - they already think I'm nuts but) I suddenly thought, hold on a minute they are the same thing

I mean, like the yin yang, life and death combine to make a whole. In each we carry the other. Death is with us all through live and into death we will carry something from this life. To be honest, this feeling, which convinced me that death is as important as life (in fact IS life, as life IS death) and brings with it a 'completeness' and 'wholeness' made me feel better - and less like ending my life (a brief consideration) - so already the yin yang has helped me by showing me something

(strangely, the night I was most down, I looked here and saw the title of your thread (how apt i thought) opened it and nearly fell off my chair when I saw that giant symbol staring back at me) : )

it really was very strange

anyway, thank you for that Letty (and edgar)

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Reply Mon 14 Jul, 2008 08:22 pm
I was talking with the Lovely Bride about yin and yang. For her it is all about
balance and completeness. Light balances darkness; male balances female;
heat balances cold. Similarly light is incomplete without dark as male without
female and heat without cold. She said she always resented it that male,
light, and heat are yin while female, dark and cold are yang.

She finds it curious that China with its emphasis on only one child has turned
its back on the ancient wisdom as people overwhelmingly have sons, aborting
daughters. This is producing a society that is unbalanced and incomplete.

She has read up quite a bit on Chinese herbal medicine. The philosophy of
yin and yang hold great sway there with the yin of one herb carefully
balanced by the yang of another, all to bring the body to a state of balance
and completeness.
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Reply Mon 14 Jul, 2008 09:30 pm
We did a study on China in the second grade class I worked in last year. Our books described the yin-yang much the way that George's wife did. Light-dark, wet-dry, cold-hot. Each opposite either represents the male or the female.
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Reply Tue 15 Jul, 2008 06:43 am
George, thank you so much for the explanation of the yin yang symbol. Littlek, we appreciate your contribution as well.

Endy, I am just like you, dear. Often I will feel down and listless and then one little thing will come to mind or one amulet or icon will pop up from nowhere and produce a peace that is difficult to fathom. Such was the case with a tiny gold guardian angel that my son gave me. Seeing it, was like the "peace that passeth understanding." All creative people are a bit nuts, dear.
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Reply Sun 27 Jul, 2008 08:23 pm

Here is the explanation of yin/yang to which I refered on my earlier post. Click on preview the book and go to page 125
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Reply Thu 31 Jul, 2008 12:13 pm
Letty wrote:
All creative people are a bit nuts, dear.

Ahhh - there's hope for me yet then :wink:

I've done some (minor) research on the Yin Yang (looking at ancient Chinese and Taoist philosophy). Here's some of what I found:
(It's rather long - but I had a bit of spare time and was interested - thought I'd share it)

Every opposite in the Universe

Originally Yin Yang describes the two sides of a mountain (with the sun on one side and shadow on the other - bringing to mind the planet Earth itself and Day/Night). Always in a state of flux - as the sun moves around the mountain and shadows move with it, so the Yin become Yang and Yang Yin.
Originally, Yin Yang evoked the spirit of opposites. That is everything opposite. Light/dark … Male/female… movement/inertia…. good/bad…left/right… whatever.

It has been the West who have reduced it's meaning to 'male/female' (Carl Jung whose work on symbols I admire, is an example of this).


The Yin Yang is about harmony - about the two opposites melding and contributing to the other - not about clear cut Good 'n' Bad.
Apparently the late Heath ledger (actor) entered the spirit of the Ying Yang in creating his 'Joker' character for the Dark Knight.
Nothing is all bad and nothing is all good. there is always one within the other - if we can only find/see it.

The two fish - one black one white - fit together comfortably to create peace, harmony and wholeness

This from the Taoist teachings
by Ted Kardash


I found this quote particularly helpful

"Bad luck becomes good luck and crisis contains the opportunity for growth. We can choose to cooperate with this complimentary set of opposites by not denying, suppressing, or struggling against unwanted discomfort or pain, but rather by accepting all facets of our existence, "good" and "bad," as the natural flow of the Tao."

Interesting eh?

Strange enough- I've always had a crazy love of mountains and been drawn to them - so the Yin Yang fits with me (as a concept) right from the start.
After reading up on it I'm even more convinced that it can help to promote harmony and is therefore, anti-fascist in design.

Even researching and writing about it has had quite an affect.

Hope that's of some interest to someone.



Hey Edgar - thanks for putting up that link -if I can just find the right place to click…. Rolling Eyes

Letty - about your golden angel. I understand exactly what you mean.
(And I say that knowing every experience is different - I mean, I understand the peace bit.)

cheers Smile
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Reply Thu 31 Jul, 2008 01:33 pm
Click on Preveiew this book, then click on the chapter that contains page 126 and scroll to that page
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Reply Thu 31 Jul, 2008 07:41 pm
i've got 'preview unavailable'

Maybe because i'm in the UK

i did a search on the page for 'preview this book' - Nothing
None of them are available to me

i can probably find it somewhere else though.

cheers Edgar
Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 10:46 am
Endy, just the other day, I couldn't find my checkbook. Immediately I thought the worst because that happened to me once before. A young man had delivered Italian to me the previous night, and I immediately called the restaurant from which I had placed the order. I felt terrible thinking that the kid might have taken it, so I soft pedaled the query saying that I am certain he might have picked it up by mistake when he gathered his delivery materials.

For some reason, I started walking from room to room saying out loud, the patron saint of lost things;the patron saint of lost things. I decided to try the restaurant one more time. When I opened the gigantic phone book to locate the phone number, there was my checkbook. I had never heard of this saint.

Saint Anthony-the patron saint of things lost.


Reply Mon 25 Aug, 2008 05:04 pm
Wow - this kind of thing i understand

I've never been religious, but someone gave me a St Christopher on a chain once when i was going away. I'm not too keen on jewelry (on blokes, anyway, unless the type worn by natives in the amazon jungle or somewhere) but i promised to wear it.

One night as i was getting ready to have a shower after a particularly long day i realised the chain and pendant were gone. I'd lost it. I looked all around and through my clothes - but couldn't find it. I hated that. It felt like a bad omen.

The shower i was allocated was communal - i don't know how many blokes had passed through since i'd used it that morning - but many and all types, most of them not my countrymen - yet there was the pendant and chain hanging up, waiting for me.

I wore it 'religiously' after that : )

Your Saint Anthony feels more appropriate at present, i have to say

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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2008 07:41 pm
Letty - This is for you. (From memory - but one of those corny, but lyric and sentimental poems that I do love.)

The night has a thousand eyes
and the day but one
Yet the light of the bright world dies
with the setting sun

The mind has a thousand eyes
and the heard but one
Yet the light of a whole life dies
when love is done.

Thanks for remembering

Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 06:35 am
georgeob 1, Welcome back. I love that lyric, Irish. Thank you. Hope that Endy is still on our forum.

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