How can i train my family, to properly give commands my dog?

Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 09:37 am
they trained my dog to beg and jump up, now they want her to stop. ive had the face-to-face conversation "Just tell her "NO" "(times a million)

they insist on just yelling her name when shes doing something they dont like, like for ral for reeal, how can i help these idiots?

(heres this mornings conversation.)

(my uncle)"FITA! FITA! (they cant pronounce "jefita") "FITA!" FITA FITA STOP IT!


(my aunt)"I thought your dog was trained, why isnt she listening"

"shes a dog,what the **** do you think she understands english fluently? moron"

(grahma)"stop calling people moron"

"stop being morons, tell her NO! jesus christ"

im pissed now, and its really hard to get me pissed.

OH GUYS AND THE OTHER DAY THEY WERE JUST TELLING HER TO GET ON THE COUNTERS FOR FOOD! WTF WHY ARE THEY TRING TO RUIN MY DOG!?!?!!(for real, ive been smacking her for this, this is a big time no no, and now i know why shes cocky enough to do it in front of me. but then shes getting mixed messages so i cant punish her)

ok its not that bad, but i really am getting pissed, they are wasting hardwork and i dont know any other way to let them know then to just tell them directly what to do, but they dont do it. they dont want to and honestly they are lazy fucks. but i <3 the morons.

the dog i gave them is still not housetrained, i mean i do it but its bcuz i have to. is there any tricks that work on "ignorant" animal lovers?
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Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 10:01 am
I heartily recommend choke chains.

Not for the dog.

For the relatives.
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High Seas
Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 10:51 am
And if Eva's suggestion doesn't work, line up relatives in question on outside of house at dawn, I'll be showing up with a couple of friends for target practice.

P.S. print several copies of this page and leave them lying around.
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Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 04:37 pm
omg, all i hear all day " is pita pita fita pita pita fita pita fita!

i mean, well ok honestly guys today i was in the kitchen and i heard my uncle talking to himself, so im not as mad now. theres like more important things :/
(but his wife and my cousin and my aunts should know, this doesnt excuse them)

ive started noticing, everytime im mad, everything ends up just fine ,and then i regret being mad.
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Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 05:02 pm
You may need to explain to your family that all they're doing is confusing Jefita, and what sometimes happens when dogs get confused is that they lash out and bite. And you don't want that to happen. You don't want anyone to get hurt and you don't want to have to make a terrible choice about your pet that you love. She needs to be trained properly and not pulled around by everyone, even if that means that you are the only one who does any training or disciplining.
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High Seas
Reply Fri 18 Apr, 2008 12:08 pm
OGIONIK wrote:

ive started noticing, everytime im mad, everything ends up just fine ,and then i regret being mad.

But you don't regret the fact that "everything ends up just fine", do you?!

Try printing out this page before getting mad again - might be easier...
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