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Sun 18 Mar, 2018 08:47 pm - Oralloy Hanging all the bad court decision made by ignorant foreigners around the neck of America would be much like hanging an albatross around America’s neck.... (view)
Sat 17 Mar, 2018 09:13 pm - Oralloy We don’t need to repeal the second amendment we just need to make sure common- sense limits are placed on it. The first guns were taken in FL this week under the new gun law. Under... (view)
Fri 16 Mar, 2018 09:03 pm - Oralloy I guess it would depend on the density of the population. If an atomic bomb hit island with a population of 16 than the AR-15s used in the Las Vegas shooting was far more deadly killing... (view)
Thu 15 Mar, 2018 09:10 pm - Oralloy If a few people getting killed in a theater after someone yells fire in a crowded theater is a good reason to limit the first amendment then more people being killed with guns since 1968... (view)
Wed 14 Mar, 2018 06:53 pm - Oralloy When it comes down to someone with a hand gun trying to take down someone with AR-15 with body armor or without it is like bringing a knife to gun fight. That is why they make bigger... (view)
Tue 13 Mar, 2018 09:00 pm - There are exceptions to every rule and you’re reaching for the exception not the rule. The vast majority of mass murders are committed with assault weapons. You can’t solve a problem by... (view)
Mon 12 Mar, 2018 08:47 pm - Trump backed away from every-thing he proposed to do to control guns after the FL massacre. After he had a sit down with the gun manufacturers they laid the law down to him and told him what he... (view)
Sun 11 Mar, 2018 08:44 pm - A pole done by NBC News shows that 68% of the American people want assault weapons banned. So, we have 68% of the American people who want assault weapons banned on one side and the gun... (view)
Sat 10 Mar, 2018 09:45 pm - Florida passed their gun control law at record speed only three weeks after the high school shooting. The gun manufacturers have already filed suit hiding behind the NRA’s skirt. Why do the... (view)
Fri 9 Mar, 2018 09:40 pm - Baldimo The gun manufacturers don’t want you to know the number of people that are killed by guns. They not only don’t want you to know they went out of their way to keep that a... (view)
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