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Tue 4 Oct, 2022 08:49 pm - Orange Jesus now is having second thoughts about appointing a special master to go over all the top-secret documents he took and then lied about giving them back. When the special master told... (view)
Mon 3 Oct, 2022 08:46 pm - Orange Jesus filed a $475 million dollar lawsuit against CNN because CNN has called Orange Jesus’s lie about the last election the “big lie.” Orange Jesus truly believes if he... (view)
Sun 2 Oct, 2022 08:59 pm - Orange Jesus has posted on his social media web site that Mitch McConnel has a death wish. It seems that McConnel is not carrying out Oranges Jesus orders to vote as Orange Jesus has commanded.... (view)
Sat 1 Oct, 2022 08:50 pm - Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, has his hands out for disaster aid from the Federal Government but when DeSantis was in congress in 2012 when hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey DeSantis... (view)
Fri 30 Sep, 2022 08:58 pm - Orange Jesus has asserted in court that rape is part of the official duties of the president. Orange Jesus is trying to use it as a defense from having to be deposed in a trial over having raped a... (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 08:51 pm - Orange Jesus may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is not stupid either. When, asked by the special Master to sign a receipt for the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago he refused. How... (view)
Wed 28 Sep, 2022 09:04 pm - Republicans running for office are deleting any reference to Orange Jesus or Making America Great Again. Why are they forsaking Orange Jesus while he is dangling from a political cross? It seems... (view)
Tue 27 Sep, 2022 08:50 pm - Orange Jesus and DeSantis are acting like two cats with their tales tied together and thrown over a close line and neither has filed to run for president yet. DeSantis has called Orange Jesus a... (view)
Mon 26 Sep, 2022 09:08 pm - Orange Jesus’s hand-picked candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, had a big political rally today and only 60 people showed up. Orange Jesus can really pick them; this guy... (view)
Sun 25 Sep, 2022 10:25 pm - On Meet the Press today, Rep. Nancy Mace, South Carolina said that pressure is being put on republicans to impeach Biden. It seems they are not going to wait for him to do something wrong, they are... (view)
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