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Sun 31 May, 2020 09:05 pm - During the election racism was the wind beneath Trumps wings now he is reaping the whirl wind. Trump’s theory was divide and conquer to set one race off against another. Trump was a... (view)
Sat 30 May, 2020 09:10 pm - Twenty-four states continue to show an increase in cases of coronavirus. There are now over one million eight hundred thousand cases of coronavirus. Today we have 1,805,745, yesterday we had... (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 08:43 pm - What Twitter posted was the history of mail in ballots in America and they pointed out there is absolutely no history of serious fraud in that history. That is a fact it is not opinion. Trump not... (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 08:24 pm - We have not made it to a million eight hundred thousand cases of coronavirus yet but we will by Sunday. Today we have 1,781,644 cases of coronavirus, yesterday we had 1,758,422. That means another... (view)
Thu 28 May, 2020 08:35 pm - No, twitter posted the actual facts not opinion. Our entire military has used mail in ballots for over half century without any significant problem with fraud. Trump himself uses a mail in ballot... (view)
Thu 28 May, 2020 08:29 pm - It is a good thing that Trump was not president during the 1918 pandemic, everyone would have died and Trump would be telling the public to drink bleach to kill the virus. We now have 1,758,422... (view)
Wed 27 May, 2020 09:13 pm - It is hard to believe what a total and completely mess Trump has made out of the coronavirus response. We not only have nearly four as many coronavirus cases than any country in the world we have... (view)
Tue 26 May, 2020 09:04 pm - We have now surpassed the one million seven hundred thousand mark, at 1,716,155 cases of coronavirus today, yesterday we had 1,696,874 cases of coronavirus. That means another 19,281 Americans came... (view)
Mon 25 May, 2020 08:45 pm - With numbers increasing 700% since things have opened up we may hit the 2.5 million figure yet. One thing we know for sure is it won't be 60,000 and that figure came from the Trump... (view)
Mon 25 May, 2020 08:36 pm - Today we are approaching 1,700,000 cases of coronavirus can 2 million cases of coronavirus be far off? Today we have 1,696,874, yesterday we had 1,677,436 cases of coronavirus. That means an... (view)
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