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Thu 22 Dec, 2016 05:28 pm - Wow! Excellent job! I read about Verdun Belle decades after World War I, and it stayed on my mind. I thought about her from time to time (I could not forget about her). Are you related to that... (view)
Sun 18 Dec, 2016 08:28 pm - I hope to write a "historical novel" set in the 1800s (probably 1800-1850). Can anyone suggest a "how to" book for writing this kind of fiction? Also - are there any guides... (view)
Thu 18 Aug, 2016 02:48 pm - does not provide any way for a customer to contact them about defective merchandise. How can a customer contact Amazon about defective mrchandise? (view)
Fri 19 Feb, 2016 10:44 pm - Whatever happened to "Verdun Belle" and the soldier from Philadelphia? Were they ever re-united? (view)
Fri 6 Mar, 2015 04:24 pm - The song "Our Love" is derived from what classicalcomposer? (view)
Mon 7 Jul, 2014 08:17 pm - When I turned on my computer my entire tool bar was missing (including the "back" and "forward" buttons, and the "home" and shutdown (the X button at the upper right... (view)
Thu 26 Jun, 2014 03:20 pm - I would like to transfer a (MP3) song from the music library (Windows 7 Microsoft media) to a computer running on Windows 8. Can you tell me how to do it step-by-step? (view)
Tue 10 Jun, 2014 09:09 pm - Hi. I replied to your last post, stating how glad I was that you were still answering such a wide variety of questions. Did you see the reply? (view)
Fri 6 Jun, 2014 04:02 pm - Does anyone know of a novel which is set in the United States between 1820 and the Civil War? s (view)
Tue 25 Mar, 2014 07:35 pm - How can I erase a "permanent" Norton pop-up that blocks my scroll bar, and apparently cannot be removed? It's called "Get your Norton back." (view)
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